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17 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2024

17 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2024

Ready to ditch the boring desk job and become your own financial boss? Buckle up, because we’re blasting off into the exciting world of affiliate marketing! In simpler terms, you earn commissions by recommending awesome products you already love. Think of it as the ultimate side hustle – share your passions, get rewarded, and maybe even score that beachside hammock you’ve been eyeing. But here’s the thing: the universe of affiliate programs can be as vast and confusing as black holes. So, to save you from getting sucked into an information void, we’ve compiled a list of 17 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, but before we further get into that, let’s see how you can decide the ideal affiliate program for yourself.

What are the Key Considerations for Selecting the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2024?


1. Know Your Niche and Audience:

Before diving in, chart your course! What are you passionate about? What problems do you solve for your audience? Choose a program that aligns with your niche and resonates with your readers. Imagine trying to sell spaceships to a group of gardeners – it just wouldn’t fly!

2. Commission Structure and Payout:

Time for some treasure counting! Affiliate programs offer different commission structures. Some pay per sale, some per click, and some offer recurring commissions for subscription-based products. Choose a program that rewards your efforts and aligns with your goals. Don’t forget to consider things like cookie duration (how long after someone clicks your link before you get credit) and payout thresholds.

3. Program Reputation and Support:

You wouldn’t set sail on a leaky ship, would you? Choose a program with a good reputation, known for timely payouts and reliable tracking. A responsive support team is your lifeline – make sure they’re there to guide you through any rough patches.

4. Promotional Tools and Resources:

Imagine trying to build a sandcastle without a shovel! Many programs offer pre-made banners, landing pages, and even video tutorials to help you promote their products. Choose a program that equips you with the tools you need to build your affiliate empire.

5. Experiment and Track:

The best way to find your winning formula is to test and adjust! Try different programs, track your results, and see what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to switch gears if something isn’t clicking.

17 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners in 2024


1. Amazon Associates

amazon affiliate program

The largest and most versatile program, it’s great for beginners due to its broad product range. You earn commissions by promoting Amazon products through unique affiliate links. As a beginner, it allows you to start with familiar products and a trusted brand. It stands out as a colossal affiliate program, especially for content creators. With this program, you could pocket up to 10% in commissions from eligible purchases and various programs. And hey, cashing in your earnings? You’ve got options—choose between direct deposit, the old-school check, or even an Amazon gift certificate!

Here’s the extra perk: some product categories come with a fixed standard commission rate. For instance, take Amazon Games—they offer a sweet deal with a solid standard commission rate of 20%. Now, isn’t that a game-changer?

2. ShareASale

ShareASale affiliate program

Known for its user-friendly interface, ShareASale provides access to thousands of merchants across various niches. It offers a wide array of products and services, making it suitable for beginners looking for diverse options. ShareASale is all about delivering top-notch features that partners can rely on. Think trusted partner development, rock-solid data reporting, and supreme strategic control—all in one package.

But wait, there’s more! Partners get a treasure trove of tools and resources: custom short links, eCommerce plugins, product discoveries, nifty integrations, handy bookmarklets, and the list goes on. And when it’s time to cash in those hard-earned commissions, ShareASale offers flexibility with payment options—choose between direct transfers, traditional paychecks, or opt for the convenience of Automated Clearing House (ACH).

3. ClickBank

clickbank affiliate program

Specializing in digital products like ebooks, courses, and software, ClickBank offers a user-friendly platform with a broad range of products. Beginners can find success promoting digital goods with higher commission rates. Making money with ClickBank as an affiliate is a fantastic avenue. A smart strategy involves promoting pages that are already optimized to construct your sales funnels. This method allows you to capitalize on optimized content, paving the way for potential earnings as you build and tailor your sales pathways.

4. Rakuten Marketing (formerly LinkShare)

rakuten affiliate program

This network hosts various merchants across different industries. It offers a user-friendly interface and features numerous well-known brands, providing beginners with reliable options to promote. Joining and navigating this affiliate marketing network is a breeze, offering a wide array of products to promote with key metrics readily available. Here’s what makes signing up for this affiliate program a win:

  • Product Diversity: Rakuten’s affiliate marketing network boasts an extensive product range, spanning from fashion to gifts, lifestyle items, and marketing-related products. You’ll find a treasure trove to promote!
  • User-Friendly Interface: Say hello to an easy-peasy dashboard! Rakuten’s interface is designed for simplicity, making it a breeze to navigate and use as an affiliate. No maze-like complexities here!

5. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

CJ affiliate program

CJ Affiliate is reputable and offers a wide range of brands and products. It’s beginner-friendly with reliable tracking and reporting tools.The earning potential with CJ Affiliate knows no bounds! Picture this: you could snag commission rates ranging from a cool 3% all the way up to a whopping 50% or even more. It all depends on the advertiser and the product or service you’re championing.

6. Impact

impact affiliate program

Known for its technology and partnerships, Impact provides access to numerous brands across multiple industries. Its user-friendly interface and reporting tools make it suitable for beginners. Impact’s payout game is quite the chameleon! The commission rates can shimmy and shake, shifting from brand to brand. But fear not, you’ve got options for cashing in those earnings—pick between direct transfers, wire transfers, or good ol’ PayPal.

Here’s the sweet deal: set your payment preferences, and voila! Expect those payouts to roll in like clockwork on the 1st or 15th of every month. Just keep that minimum balance at a cool $10, and you’re golden!

7. Bluehost

bluehost affiliate program

A popular web hosting service, Bluehost offers an affiliate program that’s beginner-friendly. It’s ideal for those interested in promoting web hosting services and offers high commissions.
Bluehost is hailed as a top pick among tech enthusiasts diving into affiliate marketing. First off, signing up won’t cost you a dime, and the process is as easy as pie. Plus, here’s the kicker: once you hit that sweet $100 mark per sale, voila! You’re looking at a generous 70% commission.

But hold up, there’s more! Bluehost goes the extra mile with personalized support from top-notch affiliate managers. They’re like the Jedi masters of affiliate guidance, offering tips to spruce up your marketing strategies and nifty advice on selecting the perfect banner ads for your websites. It’s like having a mentor right by your side—perfect for those stepping into the affiliate world

8. SiteGround

siteground affiliate program

Another web hosting service known for its beginner-friendly affiliate program and excellent customer service. It offers competitive commissions and reliable tracking.Here are two awesome perks that make SiteGround’s affiliate program perfect for beginners:

First off, they pay out every week—no waiting around! Plus, there’s no minimum payout threshold, meaning you get rewarded right away. Oh, and here’s a bonus: if you rack up more sales each month, they sweeten the deal by boosting the earnings per sale for affiliates.

As for commissions, they’ve got a sliding scale. For instance, if you make 1 to 5 sales in a month, you pocket $50 per sale. The more sales you make each month, the more you earn per sale.

9. ClickFunnels


This program offers recurring commissions for promoting its sales funnel software. It’s beginner-friendly and attracts marketers interested in promoting marketing tools. ClickFunnels has an enticing offer for affiliates: recurring commissions for endorsing its top-notch sales funnel software. It’s a beginner-friendly program that draws in marketers keen on championing innovative marketing tools. With this, you’re not just promoting software; you’re diving into a world of recurring commissions while empowering businesses with cutting-edge marketing solutions.

10. ConvertKit

convertkit affiliate program

An email marketing tool, ConvertKit offers a simple and beginner-friendly affiliate program. It’s ideal for those in the blogging or content creation niche.

Unlike many other programs, ConvertKit operates on a recurring model. This means you’ll pocket the set commission every month as long as your referred ConvertKit account remains active. For instance, let’s say you’ve assisted ConvertKit in gaining 10 accounts on its lowest monthly plan—this could mean nearly $90 in earnings every single month!
As for commissions, they offer a recurring 30% commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

11. Shopify

shopyfy affiliate program

Known for its e-commerce solutions, Shopify’s affiliate program offers attractive commissions for promoting its platform. It’s suitable for those interested in e-commerce and entrepreneurship. The company offers a top-tier affiliate program, dishing out up to $150 for every full-priced plan referral. However, since the platform faces stiff competition, it’s selective about its affiliate partners—only those with active websites and a solid audience track record get the nod. To hop on board Shopify’s affiliate partner program, you’ll need to craft and share original content like blogs, videos, courses, or seminars. Plus, having a knack for using Shopify or similar eCommerce platforms could up your chances.
The best part? Joining Shopify’s affiliate program won’t cost you a penny!

12. Grammarly

gramarly affiliate program

A widely used writing assistant tool, Grammarly offers a beginner-friendly affiliate program. It’s suitable for content creators or those in writing-related niches. In 2023, they launched GrammarlyGO—a powerful AI writing assistant that feels like your helpful writing companion! This tool isn’t just handy; it’s a multitasking marvel. From summarizing your emails to swiftly providing context-based prompts, it’s here to assist. And, it’s your creativity booster, offering suggestions to jazz up your content with clever puns and compelling calls to action!

13. SemRush

semrush affiliate program

An SEO tool offering a comprehensive affiliate program, ideal for those in digital marketing niches. It provides access to a range of marketing tools and analytics.

The platform’s affiliate program is a gem, offering potential returns of up to $200 per sale along with an extra $10 for each free trial your referrals start. Plus, it works on a last-click attribution model, keeping that cookie life sweet and lasting for 120 days!
SEMrush doesn’t stop there; it’s got your back with a bunch of resources. Picture pre-made, top-notch promo materials like banners, landing pages, widgets, and helpful videos, all ready to skyrocket your game.

14. AWeber

AWEBER affiliate program

Another email marketing tool, AWeber offers a beginner-friendly affiliate program with recurring commissions. It’s suitable for those interested in promoting email marketing services. Weber’s affiliate program isn’t just any program—it’s like a friendly guide in the world of email marketing. The best part? It keeps the party going with recurring commissions, making it a treat for those who love spreading the word about email services.

15. Udemy

udemy affiliate program

Known for its vast range of online courses, Udemy’s affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by promoting courses across various topics.When you promote Udemy’s diverse online courses covering a wide range of topics, you can earn commissions. The rates might vary depending on the courses, but it’s a chance to earn while sharing the wealth of knowledge across various subjects.

16. Etsy

etsy affiliate program

Suitable for those in creative niches, Etsy’s affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by promoting handmade and vintage items on the platform. For those entrenched in creative world, Etsy’s affiliate program is your ticket to earning commissions while promoting unique, handmade, and vintage treasures showcased on the platform. While commission rates may vary, it’s an opportunity to support artisans, creators, and vintage aficionados while pocketing earnings for your referral

17. Fiverr

fiver affiliate program

Offers an affiliate program for promoting freelance services across various categories. It’s ideal for those interested in promoting freelance services like graphic design, writing, and more. Fiverr’s affiliate program is quite versatile, especially for newcomers, offering various products to promote. You’ve got options like the Fiverr Logo Maker, And. co, and, of course, Fiverr’s main platform itself.
Now, here’s the exciting part: the commissions vary for each product. Depending on the category purchased, you could earn anywhere between $15 to $150. Join the Fiverr affiliate program now.

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When choosing affiliate programs, consider factors like commission rates, cookie duration, payment methods, and product relevance to your audience. It’s crucial to align the products or services you promote with the interests and needs of your audience for better engagement and success in affiliate marketing.

And that, dear beginners, wraps up our treasure trove of affiliate programs! The world of affiliate marketing is brimming with potential, and these 17 gems are your ticket to an exciting journey ahead. So gear up, explore, and let your affiliate adventure begin! Happy affiliating!

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