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Checklist for Advertisers

Checklist for Advertisers

The fourth quarter of business aka Q4 comes with a lot of promise, excitement, high hopes, and festive fever. This is the time when users scour for deals from one place to another and businesses try to make the most of their behavior by gathering clicks, impressions, and conversions along the way.

Now that it’s time for Advertisers to make the most of this season, one must be updated with key dates that are quintessential for the Q4. Here’s a checklist for you to make the most of this very season for you can’t miss out on important dates and times from different suppliers.

More importantly, we also have included a six-point guide on how to increase ad revenue in the holiday season. Go through it and implement some points for better business! Affiliate marketers have tried their best to make the most of their efforts in 2023 and this time can make or break it.

check list for advertisers


Dec 9: Deadline for FedEx SmartPost shipments

Dec 13: Deadline for FedEx International Ground shipments

Dec 16: Deadline for FedEx Ground and Home Delivery shipments

Dec 19: Deadline for FedEx Express Saver shipments

Dec 20: Deadline for FedEx 2-Day, 2-Day A.M. shipments and International Economy

Dec 23: Deadline for FedEx Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, First Overnight, International Priority and International First shipments

Dec 24: Deadline for FedEx International Next Flight shipments

Dec 25: Deadline for all FedEx SameDay shipments


Dec 13: Deadline for UPS Ground and Standard shipments

Dec 19: Deadline for UPS 3 Day Select and Worldwide Expedited shipments

Dec 20: Deadline for UPS 2nd Day Air and Worldwide Express shipments

Dec 23: Deadline for UPS Next Day Air shipments

Dec 24: Pickup available for only Air and International Air packages if prearranged by Thu Dec 19

Dec 25: No pickup or delivery service, UPS Express Critical services available


Dec 14: Deadline for Standard Parcel Post (Mail) shipments

Dec 20: Deadline for First Class Mail shipments

Dec 21: Deadline for Priority Mail shipments

Dec 23: Deadline for Priority Mail Express shipments


Dec 15: Free shipping option deadline

Dec 17: Standard shipping option deadline

Dec 21: Two-day shipping deadline

Dec 23: One-day shipping deadline In select cities

Dec 24: Same-day delivery 9:30 am local time in select cities

Dec 24: Two-hour delivery 9:45 p.m. local time or earlier in select cities. Free and exclusive for Prime members via Prime Now

How to Increase Ad Revenue in the Holiday Season

This season is full of thrills, frills, jingling bells, and mistletoe. People are high on festive vibes and that makes it a good season for both customers and shop owners. This fever, of course, has set afoot online and that makes it one of the best times to increase ad revenue in the holiday season.

But it’s not an easy streak to increase ad revenue in this season. There have to be some tweaks on the website and advertisement strategy to make it very festive. We are going to explore some ways through which you can increase ad revenue in the holiday season.

1. Take off the Caps

The Q4 is famous for advertisers as they try to salvage the most of festive season. But frequency caps exist and that might turn out to be a hindrance in the amount of traffic coming in. To prevent that from happening, do spend more and remove the frequency caps. Take care of this especially in times like holiday season.

2. Work with the Right Ad Partner

Your ad partner has a lot of influence on what your holiday season will be like. Those ad partners which are here to offer a complete fill and are ready to pay you in accordance to your traffic’s geography are the best in business. It’s a simple business acumen, for each and every business looks for a reason to pay a website and that reason is simply your traffic and its quality.

3. Keep it Fresh, Seasonal & Sizzling

It’s not rocket science to track your past year’s performance in the Q4 or the holiday season to be exact. The easiest way to do so is by tracking your website’s analytics in order to determine what kind of content sold the best during the last festive season. According to that, you can work on your content strategy for the coming season and the Q4 itself. Everything Christmassy and snowy usually does the trick, but there’s more to it than just that.

4. Decorate All Empty Spaces with Xmas Bulbs & Ads

Don’t leave any empty spaces on your website, especially in the holiday season. Try your best to make your text content efficient because the good ol’ Google Crawler would serve you with the best ads that shall generate more clicks and in turn, higher the revenue. Not only does it lead to a better website layout, but you get the good stuff in your ad space

5. This Holiday Season, Go Direct

There’s an obvious thing that you’re possibly using a lot of links through affiliate marketing platforms. Sure, some of them do pay more than the direct links, but that’s not always the case. In the Q4, direct doors are open to many biggies and you can link with them for premium offers and bigger amounts in earnings. Securing direct deals in the Q4 is a whole lot simpler as the advertisers also looking for ways and means to meet their targets.

6. Optimize Your Website (like, again)

It’s never too late to check whether your website is ready to get cracking cometh the holiday season. From mobile optimization to desktop and giving your website a festive feel, it all comes down under website optimization. Even if the coming user isn’t in the fervor, s/he should be once s/he comes onto your website. Make it smart, elegant and don’t stuff it too much.

This is how you can make the most out of Q4 and the holiday season. Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings to You!

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