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How to Build a Word Press Website in 2023

How to Build a Word Press Website in 2023

If you ask someone in the lane of 2009, how to become an entrepreneur or a.k.a starting a new business, you would have got the world’s 4 shortest words. Find, Research, educate and build. But hey, that was the case over a decade ago.  We live in a generation Alpha world, where even a toddler knows his way through your phone.

Today, in the era of the digital world, the first thing you require to start your business, big or small, is a Website. You might not get this now but 36% of small business is losing tons of great opportunity(because they don’t have a website). Nearly 97% of us turn to Google for a quick review of even the nonessential product whether it is to find the nearest restaurant or movie review. So, if you want to earn a loyal audience that grows over time and in return grows your business. You need to have an online presence, You, need a Website.

How to Build a Word Press Website has now become a DIY project. Even if you don’t have many hands on the dock, you can still create a website. Keep your notepad ready because our sprint to build a WordPress website begin in 5..4..3..2.1.

 1.Buy a Domain Name

Probably the first thing you decide while making a website is deciding its name. Now there are almost 2 billion present on the internet, so we have to make sure that the name we pick is easy, short, brandable, and somewhere around your niche.

Once the name gets finalized, the only thing left is to by the domain name from a reputable web host and hosts it. Bluehost is you man. It’s cheap (only $2.95/month), beginner friendly and you get your domain name for free.

All you have to do is go to Bluehost and pick a plan. Complete the sign up process and let Bluehost, install the wordpress for you. Provide your username and password and work is done.

2.Find The Best Word Press Hosting

Web hosting is the service that connects your site to the internet. Without it, you can’t access your site, store images, content and even files.

We’re going to use Bluehost. Here’s why:

Bluehost is a reputable web host that’s optimized for WordPress and will make sure that your website operates with no hiccups

  • It’s one of the few companies recommended on the official
    WordPress website
  • It’s cheap (from $2.75/month)
  • It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • You get a domain name for free

wordpress website

3.Installing The WordPress

Looking at the popularity of word press, every other hosting service has given 1 click installation for wordpress.

Let’s not dive into the pool of hosting company, let me give you the introducition to Bluehost. Where you have a 1 click installation process inside its control panel

Down below are the steps to follow if you wish your hosting site to install the wordpress for you.

  • Create your Bluehost account and sign in
  • Direct yourself to control panel
  • Search for the icon or wordpress name in control panel
  • To install the website choose the domain.
  • Click on install now and get it install.wordpress plans

4. Understand WordPress Dashboard

Now that you have step up the wordpress, use its credentials that have already been step up in the precious step

When you open your backend for the the first this is what you re gonna see-

  • Welcome message – The dashvboard contains the shortcuts to your important links.
  • The updates and the status of you website and wordpress
  • Post – Here you puts your blogs, create it, draft it, edit it.
  • Media – All the images such as gif, inforgraphic and logo are added here. To use your images on the website, click on add media icon inside your post and add the needed image.
  • Pages – All your post are seen here. The views, author’s name and seo readability are seen here.
  • Comments –  Whether or not you show the comments on the website but here you can check out all the comment and decide whether to keep them or move to the trash
  • Appearance – Your website design can be edited on this panel. Choose your theme and decide how you wan too display it.
  • Plugins – A website is never complete whithout plugins. Update and add your plugin here.
  • User – Your site gets handled by different people at the same time, manage your users from here.
  •  Setting- this is your main settingwordpress Dashboard

5.Pick a Theme & Template

You might have seen that wordpress can use different changeable design. These design or as we call it themes can be used according to your like. You have the power to change it according your wish.

wordpress website themes

6.Word Press Plugin

Plugin are the most important part of your site. The wordpress is the only structure of your website. Your website is build on plugin. Look at this way your website only have a structure where you post the blog with no look and feel to it. If you are familiar with coding think this as html without css. You can create pages but lacks the look and feel of it.

So what you do, you css it or in worldpress language you add Plugins.

  • Yoast SEO – Provide a helping hand in SEO, your website gets available to different search engines.
  • Google Analytics – It is very important to analys your website, all the incoming traffic its functionality and tracking the revenue.
  • Optimole – Images can have a vast effect on your website, Your website speed does depend on your image’s size and optimple optimizes it.

There are many other plugins available, you can install according to your need.

7.WordPress Security

Every website has one problem, it can get hacked. The more number of people get access to your website, the more threats it has to get hacked. The most important thing while maintaining a website is its security. This is the most crucial thing in running a secured website and that explain why we need to take care of it.

The ways you can strengthen your site is through is credentials. The login page and password security are very and I say very important. Whatever plugin or themes that you add to your website make sure that the are from a authentic resource and no spamming site are being used.

8.WordPress SEO Plugin

Your website can only run smoothly till it has got the string SEO behind its back. The more page that are SEO optimized, the more you have the chances of having a access to good amount of traffic. WordPress comes handy for SEO optimized website.

There are r major thing to look out for in SEO. Permalinks, title, tags, heading and images. WordPress paves the way to manage the online SEO. Click on to your setting, go to permalinks and set your post name. The better your optimize your page, higher are the chances that it gets ranked in the TOP 10 1st page of google search engine.

9.Website Analytics

As we have previous seen. Analysiing your website is the crucial key. You can’t just post everything on your site without checking its result. Whether you doing On-line SEO or off line via guest post, social media such as Pinterest, Twiiter, fb or even youtube.

Checking the incoming traffic and what works for your website is important. There is a plugin called as Jetpack that handles your monetization and check the incoming traffic and that also  includes likes, comment and even views.

Other Things to Consider

You might be done with the question How to Build a Word Press Website, but there are some other useful and very crucial things to consider.

No site is complete without a Database and while you host your website, there is one another thing that is needed to be done – creating a database.  One of the easiest ways to create a database is follow the instructions. You don’t need to search for it, you will find it in the hosting control panel with the name phpMyAdmin, a database management tool

Open up the phpMyAdmin, and start by click on database button, situated right at the top of the navigation menu.
Use ‘create new database field’ to create the database.
Click on create button and you will notice your database has been created. To access the data click on the name.


When you start a blog, you want to monetize it and what is better than a button.
Basically CTA or click through action button is used to perform some action.  CTA button provide a sharp look to your blog and increase you sales ratio with a decrease in bounce rate.

Site Updation

Your site performs better when it is continuously updated. Updating helps in increasing traffic and keeping it secure. So, keep updating and keep your site in the best shape.

In The End

You don’t need to be geeky coders,its simple answer of question How to Build a Word Press Website. Time has provided the ways that can be used to get what you want. This was the basic of how you handle your website and create the first building step towards a full-fledged working, monetized website.

This is only the begin, how you handle from now is all up to you.

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