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Best Automotive Affiliate Programs of 2023

Best Automotive Affiliate Programs of 2023

They say that a good car doesn’t need a salesperson to sell and a good salesperson doesn’t care what car it is when it comes to selling it. The auto heads and motor-junkies are suckers when it comes to the smell of burning rubber and shimmery metal.

That explains the existence of an audience that’s all about vroom and zoom. Due to this very reason, automotive affiliate programs are at the pinnacle and one can’t help but place these links on their blog and website.

Just to put things in perspective, auto industry maestros Toyota and Volkswagen scrapped more than $270 billion dollars and that’s just the car’s roof. The auto industry deals with an insane amount of money that’s worth burning the fuel.

With many car enthusiasts popping up and researching cars now and then, it’s easy money to have an automotive affiliate program. Imagine if you could cap a percentage of the percentage of its percentage– it’ll set you up nicely for a long time to come.

But you can’t just go hit and trial in pursuit of the best automotive affiliate programs that exist in the market. That’s why we’ve done the hard work and pin-pointed the 8 Automotive Affiliate Programs that’d be perfect for your auto-related blogs and they give out real sweet deals in terms of commission

Top 8 Automotive Affiliate Programs 2023

1. Car Insurance

EPC – $3.07

Car Insurance is one of the prominent players in the automotive industry and is widely known for its comparison feature. It majorly investigates the prospect’s location to determine which top suppliers provide insurance in their region. Then it’ll provide quotes from top companies, such as Allstate and State Farm, as well as smaller and regional insurance providers. As a result, its clients have a wide range of alternatives in addition to its rates.

From one of the sources, it was revealed that people have saved up to $610 a year, thus making it the first choice for the automotive prospects. CarInsurance is certified with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. But it has one loophole: In order to compare quotes and policies online, customers need to first provide the website with some personal information, which although typically takes a few minutes to answer.

Rest affiliates can reap up to $3.07 earning per click, thus making it the most profitable choice. Also, it provides a complete analysis to the customers, thus acting as a useful platform for all automotive savvy. Therefore it can easily be referred to the potential buyers. Both for the affiliates and customers, it’s a win-win situation.

Reasons to Promote Car Insurance

  • Generous Commission Rate
  • Competitive rates for all budgets & situations
  • Personalized Plan

2. Auto Accident Team

EPC – $1.68

The Auto Accident Team literally has anything and everything. Their commitment towards the customers is unrelenting and one can find maximum products. From medical bills to emotional distress, one can claim for almost all damages.

The affiliate program is lucrative and also it offers proper support. There’s no malice in the program’s terms and there are no hidden handling fees or charges on their upfront charges.

Their affiliates have cracked up insane numbers and most of them earn a lot. With the earning per click of $1.68, it is not a bad deal for auto affiliates. One just needs to target the right prospects

Reasons to Promote Auto Accident Team

  • Good Commission
  • Range of products
  • Dedicated Team


3.Blue Sky Auto Finance


EPC – $1.10

Founded in 2004 as one of the leading automotive products, Blue Sky Auto is the oldest and experienced player in this industry. They have a national network of lenders and dealers who fulfill all the demands.

Blue Sky Auto Finance makes car financing available for nearly any credit card. No matter if the customer has a bad credit score, then also it will serve the clients. That’s the reason why it has assisted over 3 million customers and the number is continuously increasing.

For affiliates, it becomes another best choice as it never lets its client go empty-handed. With a $1.10 earning per click, the affiliates can easily grab a bite on every click. If the customers require financing, they will not let it go. Therefore, investing time in this model would be a wise choice.

Reasons to Promote Blue Sky Auto Finance

  • Highly Experienced
  • Wider Target Audience
  • Talented Marketing Team


4. Auto Finance USA

EPC – $0.82

Auto Finance USA is an independent auto finance firm that provides flexible financing and the greatest pre-owned inventory with unique credit criteria. It offers high-quality vehicles directly to the customer’s door.

Using technology, national infrastructure, and the most forward-thinking staff, Auto Finance USA is poised to deliver more automobiles than any other independent firm of its kind.

With $0.82 earning per click, auto finance offers its affiliates a wide range of options. From financing to product delivery at doorstep it is a 21st Century service provider. Thus, increasing the earning chances for affiliates.

Reasons to Promote Auto Finance USA

  • High Value of Average Orders
  • Full-fledged Service is a great Selling Point
  • Lucrative Commission Plan


5.GEICO Auto Insurance


EPC – $2.98

Having offices in 17 locations, Geico is the second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States. It provides its customers all sorts of insurance required in a life span.

It has a staff of over 1000 individuals that give outstanding services to its clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, it now has 16 million car policyholders and is constantly evolving. As a result, it is a vaunted player in the automobile sector.

The affiliates have a goldmine of a commission with a $2.98 earning per click. Moreover, you can target in various geographies and it’s a known brand for most of them thus a sense of trust already prevails

Reasons to Promote Geico Auto Insurance

  • Good Commission Rate
  • Decent Brand Image
  • Annual sponsorship of the various event

6. Liberty Mutual Insurance


EPC – $1.25

The auto parts market is always hot and Liberty Mutual Insurance is that corner shop that never closes. They’ve been assisting customers’ insurance needs for almost 100 years now so the tag of trust is very much there. You’ll find the most complete collection of insurance in there and that’s something which you should pitch to your audience.

As a Fortune 100 global leader in property and casualty insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance is the major player in the insurance sector. Currently operating in 29 countries and economies around the world, it offers a plethora of services like property, auto and vehicle, and other insurances.

If your website or blog is about cars, bikes, auto parts, auto accessories, and auto DIY projects, then Liberty Mutual is a must-have. As for the affiliates, a $1.25 commission is up for grabs with an exception of a few categories.

Reasons to Promote Geico Auto Insurance

  • Free Creatives
  • Bonus Commissions
  • Access to affiliate team

7. Official Auto Insurance

EPC – $1.17

Purchasing a car is a stressful job as it requires extensive study and effort. Finding the right dealer who can offer the services as per customer needs is again a bit daunting. More to that, finding delicious offers and discounts which are budget-friendly is not easy.

But Official Auto Insurance ends the gap by providing all the aforesaid services at one place. Customer just needs to make a call and they can get an immediate solution. From the best dealer in the city to the best offers, prospects can get all the information on their fingertips without wasting their time.

It becomes effortless for the affiliates to promote this perspective thus giving them $1.17 earning per click. Targeting the right set of audience will yield outstanding results.

Reasons to Promote Official Auto Insurance

  • Good Commission Rate
  • A one stop shop for Auto Insurance
  • Extra Savings to prospects


8. Auto Loan Analyzer

EPC – $2.17

It is difficult to find the right agent who understands the customer’s needs and requirements and provides personalised offers these days. But it’s no longer as Auto Loan Analyzer specializes in matching the target audience with the right agents.

For the affiliates, helping the prospects and getting a good amount of commission is a winning situation. It’s like having a cupcake in both hands. On one side you will be helping customers and on the other, you are being paid for your intelligent choice.

Reasons to Promote Auto Loan Analyzer

  • Negotiable Commission Rates
  • High Standards
  • Dedicated Team

These are the 8 best automotive affiliate programs in the market. Your auto audience is here to savor your website and blog and it’s your responsibility to treat them right. You might get some of these automotive dealers at multiple platforms and many of them directly too– read the terms and make the decision accordingly.

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