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Free Download: Our Game-Changing SEO Report Template (Given by SEO Gurus)

Free Download: Our Game-Changing SEO Report Template (Given by SEO Gurus)

Monitoring your website’s SEO performance is critical if you want to improve organic rankings, traffic, and conversions. However, sifting through analytics platforms and spreadsheets can be overwhelming. This is where leveraging SEO report templates comes in handy. With comprehensive SEO reporting dashboards and Zappian’s SEO monthly report template, you can easily monitor and analyze key metrics like rankings, traffic, and engagement data in a single location. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the crucial SEO data you should include in any SEO report and what data metrics be included in any SEO report template Excel. That’s not all! You’ll get a link to the SEO report template free download at the end of the blog. This blog is an all-inclusive guide to :

  • Tips for monitoring rankings through an SEO ranking report template.
  • Analyzing competitors with a white-label SEO dashboard.
  • Measuring progress with an SEO progress report template.

Finally, We’ll include a downloadable template you can customize into your own SEO reporting dashboard to demonstrate ROI.

Every SEO reporting dashboard should include these essential metrics:

Traffic Analysis:

  • Users, new users, sessions, pageviews – Track monthly trends just like an SEO progress report template. Monitor for growth and dips.
  • Bounce rate – High bounce rates may indicate content issues. Monitor for improvements with an SEO analysis report template.
  • Avg. session duration – Longer sessions signal engaged visitors. Short times often mean poor content/UX.
  • Source/medium – Analyze monthly traffic sources. Optimize top referral channels.

Traffic Growth:

  • Month-to-month growth % – Calculate monthly percentage increase/decrease in visits.
  • Traffic distribution – Break down monthly traffic sources with SEO reporting templates – organic, social, paid search, etc.
  • Organic vs. paid – Compare organic and paid traffic volumes and engagement with a white-label SEO dashboard.

Rank Tracking:

  • Keyphrase rankings – Track top keyword rankings biweekly to gauge efforts with an SEO ranking report template.
  • Landing page analysis – See which pages rank for target keywords. Optimize accordingly.
  • Local pack tracking – Monitor your local pack position and map rankings.

Location Analysis:

  • Traffic by country/location – Determine where your visitors are coming from with any of the SEO report templates.
  • Top landing pages – See which pages resonate in different regions. Localize content.

On-Page Optimization Checks:

  • Indexed pages – Track new pages added and indexation rate.
  • Page speed insights – Monitor page load times and mobile optimization.
  • Structured data – Check for proper JSON-LD markup implementation.
  • Link building – Track new backlinks gained with an SEO progress report template.

Competitor Benchmarking:

  • Ranking analysis – Compare rankings for shared keywords using the white-label SEO dashboard.
  • Traffic metrics – Pull competitor’s estimated traffic data for comparison through the white label SEO dashboard.
  • Top pages – Review competitors’ best-ranking pages for optimization ideas.
  • Backlink profile – Analyze competitors’ backlink quantity and quality.

This comprehensive SEO data gives you actionable insights into your website’s performance and SEO report dashboard ROI. But, constantly monitoring analytics can take time and effort. That’s where using a customizable SEO reporting template comes in handy. 

We’ve created a free SEO reporting dashboard template that includes all the metrics described above. Simply download the Excel template and input your website data to analyze key SEO factors monthly. With pre-built tables and charts, you’ll have professional SEO reporting at your fingertips, just like the top SEO dashboards and SEO progress report templates developed by Top professional companies.

Accurate and consistent SEO reporting is critical for improving your organic presence. Use this comprehensive template to monitor rankings, traffic, backlinks, and more metrics. Customize Zappian’s template into your own white-label SEO dashboard to track monthly progress.

Click here to download the free SEO Report Template

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