We’re Here to Redefine Affiliate Marketing

We are the change that the industry called for—Zappian Media is an affiliate network that thrives on its diligent workforce and relentless hunger to succeed in the game of clicks, conversions, and everything beyond. We aim to serve our advertisers and publishers without a shadow of inconvenience.

When it comes to the age-old “Quality vs. Quantity” debate, we believe in what’s best for our advertising and publishing partners. They deserve a righteous value for their hard-earned money and we ensure that they get it. Metaphorically, we only pluck the best flowers from the offer-garden before presenting our affiliate network platform to you.

Your Affiliate Marketing Launch pad

For us, the buck doesn’t stop at a click or conversion. We have had first-hand experiences with publishers and we know that trusting a network is too big of a gamble. For this very reason, Zappian Media, as an Affiliate Network, strives to establish a lucid platform where you get what you want—no strings attached (or hidden).


As a stellar affiliate platform serving advertisers and publishers all around the globe, Zappian Media aims for the bull’s eye. We provide our advertising and publishing partners with all the necessary ingredients to get on the top.

We Drive the Quality Traffic

In a world full of miscellaneous internet users, we squeeze out the superfluous traffic and drive high-quality leads, sales, and exceptional results.

Your Data is Totally Secure

Your data is our Gospel and we make it a mission to protect your data with the highest level of security. We use robust encryption technology to ensure information is safe and secure.

Simple Tracking with Analytics

With Zappian Media’s exclusive tracking platform, our advertisers and publishers can simply access analytics to get an intrinsic view of campaign performance.

We Build Strategic Relationships

Our business model focuses on forging profitable and long-lasting relationships with publishers and advertisers.