We Are Building An Organisation With A Conscious Culture That Fosters A Sense Of Belonging, Purpose, And Fulfilment.

Creating a dynamic and inclusive workplace that inspires growth, creativity, and fulfilment.

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Meet The CEO

At Zappian, where we embrace the dynamic changes in the digital market driven by evolving consumer needs and technology. With relentless determination and a growth mindset, we aim to outshine the competition in digital marketing. By leveraging data-driven solutions and our team's diverse experiences, we explore new opportunities while nurturing creativity and adapting strategies. Our future vision is to expand globally and be a performance powerhouse, where risks lead to rewards and valuable experiences. Join us as a business partner, customer, or team member, and let's embark on a journey of collaboration, growth, and positive impact.

Arif Khan
Chief Dreamer

Arif Khan

True To The Core

By cultivating a conscious culture, we aim to not only achieve our business objectives but also create a positive impact on the lives of our team members and the communities we serve

"A conscious Martech solution provider offering transparency, empowerment and growth globally"

Our thriving organisation values collaboration, individual contributions, and a supportive environment. We encourage ownership, celebrate achievements, promote open communication, and empower our team to take calculated risks. Our culture creates a sense of belonging, purpose, and fulfilment while driving positive impact within our team and communities.

Our Values

At Zappian, we believe in delivering exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint for a strong and long-lasting partnership.

We embrace calculated risks, challenging the status quo, and pushing boundaries.

We empower individuals to make decisions, learn from them, and adapt as necessary.Courage, openness, confidence, and fearlessness are all qualities that will lead to success.

Be Bold Be Decisive

We open up honest channels of communication across the board Staying true to the team has never let down anyone.

With respect and integrity as our core values, we push transparency to eliminate barriers and unravel new possibilities.

Radical Honesty With Respect

We ensure that our accountability is never questioned by freedom Flex it, Lead it, Own it.

Our complete ownership of work with self-management makes freedom a by-product for innovation

Responsible Owner

We maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, even in the face of setbacks or failures.

We believe in finding joy and fulfilment in our work, and in maintaining a sense of enthusiasm and passion for what we do. A culture of performance, happiness, and elongingness.

A Joyful Bunch

We foster a close-knit team who grows together and learns together.

Our comradery is the pulse of our culture. Every contribution in the spirit of growth as a singular unit will create a stronger us.

Together We Win

zappian zappian

Employee Wellbeing

Unleashing boundless potential, we craft a dynamic and inclusive workplace that ignites growth, sparks creativity, and fulfils dreams. Zappian not only talks about physical wellbeing, but other components of wellbeing that cannot be ignored. Members are introduced to various programs to work on their wellbeing & work life integration which includes - Conscious Entrepreneurship Program, Essentials of Success, Off Site team meets etc.


Rightful Care Foundation

Rightful Care is a non-profit organisation devoted to improving the well-being of the community by meeting their diverse needs. Whether it is providing food aid, donating clothing, or supplying footwear to the underprivileged and disabled kids, the Rightful Care group is deeply committed to giving back to the community whenever the opportunity arises. By concentrating our efforts on local areas & NGOs, we go beyond mere headlines and have a tangible impact on our community, making a real difference in people's lives.

Member Engagement

Zappian cultivates a compelling inclusive culture that nurtures a profound sense of belonging among its members. The work environment thrives on innovation, empowering members to harness and witness the rise of groundbreaking technologies.

Hiring Procedure

Discover your perfect career match by utilising our advanced job search feature to apply for positions fit specifically to your profile. Upload your resume if you do not find a match.we will keep it in our talent pool


  • Discover your perfect job match from our career page to apply for positions fit specifically to your profile.
  • Upload your resume if you do not find a match.We will keep it in our talent pool.


  • Review the job description
  • Go through the company’s website and understand business
  • Dress appropriately & be punctual on interview day with a copy of your resume.


  • Attend technical/functional interviews with our Business team
  • Culture/HR round with HR team for the cultural fitment


  • Share the requested documents with your HR contact to facilitate a competitive pre onboarding process
  • Confirm your offer acceptance and initiate the notice period with your current employer.


  • Induction and Orientation on first day of joining
  • Office tour, Introduction with teams & members
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