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Where will you place Zappian Offer links and banner ads ?

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Where would you be placing Zappian Offer links and banners on your site?

You may insert links into your articles, display banners in the margins, utilise coupons or popups, compare certain items, or dedicate a landing page to a specific advertiser. Describe everything that applies)

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Do you buy any other kinds of traffic not listed above?

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How much money do you spend on this traffic source on a monthly basis? How many clicks do you generally obtain each month?

Do you own a website?

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For your software application, please review the choices below and choose those that apply.

What is the most recent version number?

Please list the version number of your application (if any).

Please mention the browser compatibility?

If the application is a browser extension, with which browsers is it intended to work?

Are there any incentives offered by your software?

Is there any policy for providing rewards while interacting with advertisements such as game currency or cash? If yes, please explain.

From where can it be download?

Kindly provide a list of all locations along with their links from where the software can be downloaded.

Is there a policy of providing EULA?

Are consumers expected to accept an End User License Agreement before installation?

What is the process of software upgradation or updation?

Is the software manually updated by the user or automatically updated and upgraded?

When will our tracking cookie fall?

Mention ALL scenarios where a cookie would be dropped during usage of the software. Also, without an affirmative click from the user can the cookie be dropped?

How much is the software's monthly ad volume?

For example, to advertiser programs how much is your average number of clicks (monthly) ?

Do you own a website?

If there is any company or product website associated with this software, kindly provide a link.


Where would you be placing Zappian Offer links/ banners on your site?

Are you bulk e-mailer

How do you create your list?

Explain the process of becoming a part of this list. Provide links for the users, where applicable.

Select all your preferred offer categories.

What advertising category or categories are you most interested in? It could be Financial, Fashion, Electronics, or Wellness campaigns.

Mention the list size.

Please tell us a little bit about how responsive this list is. For example, the amount of monthly clicks provided to the advertisers you promote.

Do you have a website for subssciber opt-in?

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The Publisher Network you represent might deliver a variety of traffic. Pick all of the traffic types that your network sends to

Is your network capable of delivering traffic that does not fall into one of the categories listed above?

If yes, then please mention your network's alternative traffic.

What percentage of each traffic do you receive?

If you picked more than one of the above-mentioned traffic types, please tell us which ones should account for the majority of the traffic we should expect. Estimates based on percentages, such as "50% Display and 50% Email," are relevant.

Which categories do you think performs best?

What categories of offers (such as Finance, Home Improvement, Automotive, etc.) do your Publishers prefer the most?

What is the source of traffic?

From what country or countries does the majority of your traffic originate? Describe the volume each country represents of your total traffic offering (in percentage) (such as "70% USA, 20% UK, and 7% India").

Do you provide traffic to your publishers?

Is there a provision where publishers can purchase the traffic from you or they should look for alternative sources for the traffic? If the traffic can be purchased from your network, Kindly elaborate.

Where can Publishers sign up?

Please mention the URL of the website where Publishers may be recruited and/or apply to join your network.


Mention your Website URL

Likes and Followers

Mention the number of likes and followers of this website

Tell us a bit about your website.

Does it have a theme or not? What sort of demographics and offers does it attract?

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Although we may not now support some of these possible traffic sources, we are interested in learning about additional possibilities for us to develop alongside you in the future. Please pick the choices for the traffic you use to promote advertiser offerings from the list below.

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Elaborate your alternative traffic generation methods.

Mention a strategy you would be using to promote our affiliate programs and the reason why it works well for you.

Which categories do you think performs best?

Does your traffic perform well with categories like Finance, Home Improvement, Legal, or another category? List all that apply.

How much is the weightage of this opportunity?

We may not be ready to cater your traffic choice right now, but we're curious to know the scope of this possibility. Please tell us how many clicks (or leads or sales) you provide to advertisers each month utilising these alternative traffic methods.


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