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Lucrative Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs

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If you are looking for the most lucrative Auto Insurance Affiliate programs then you are at the right place. In this article, we have listed some of the highly paid auto insurance affiliate programs which will help you get paid handsomely for each lead generated.

It is well known that the insurance industry in the US and other parts of the world helps affiliate marketers earn a lot. As the cost per click is over $200 for the keyword Insurance alone. This is the reason why website owners, writers, bloggers as well as social media influencers look for Insurance Affiliate programs for which they can generate quality leads for BFSI and earn handsome affiliate income



Why Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs Are Gaining Popularity

Most of the affiliate programs related to the insurance industry are gaining large popularity due to a huge customer base as it is mandatory that all vehicles that operate in any public space must have a motor vehicle insurance cover. Countries like USA, UK, UAE and India prohibit & fine people who drive vehicles without insurance. In addition, they can earn a good amount of commissions. Besides this, there are several other factors also that are causing affiliate popularity and they are:

  •  Expanding trusted partner network.
  •  It’s Cost-efficiency.
  •  In order to Bring new customers.
  •  Lead quality is Good and verifiable.

One of which is involvement of reputed companies and organizations.

In order to obtain more and more customers, companies whether big or small allow publishers to promote the services they offer. This is a win-win situation for both as the company gets customers and the promoter gets a hefty commission. 

Insurance businesses see recurring customers if the right services are offered. Therefore, if a referred customer is satisfied with the services, they will keep on coming again and again for renewing the same policy. This increases your chance to promote the same service to the same customer again.

Top Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs

Below we have listed 13 best Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs available in the market which you can choose to earn maximum income:

  • Liberty Mutual Auto InsuranceLiberty Mutual is a USA based company that is a part of the Life Insurance Carrier Industry that was established in 1912. This company is considered as one of the biggest auto insurance carriers in the US which offers a wide variety of insurance plans for auto, life, home, renters, and more.You get paid by Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance each time a visitor completes a quote. In addition, they also accept weekend traffic from affiliates and pay on every multi-step form filled to help affiliates get maximum EPC
  • Bind Right Auto Insurance Bind Right Auto Insurance helps its customers get the best insurance deal and quotes in the market while considering all their needs and requirements. It also offered affiliate commission for both new and renewal policies. They offer affiliate commission for auto insurance leads generated for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles.
  • AutoInsurerQuote.comAutoInsurerQuote.com is one of the best marketplace for insurance buyers as it allows customers to choose the best auto insurance at the most affordable cost. That’s not all if you are engaged in their affiliate program they offer a handsome amount of commission for leads through affiliate channels. Autoinsurerquote.com is a place where consumers looking for auto insurance find nice discounts, best coverage options and connect directly with providers for coverage.
  • Insure My Car Insure My Car is one of the top auto insurance providers which offers maximum earnings per click to affiliates. This auto insurance provider has been helping drivers and customers with best auto insurance policies.
  • Top Auto RatesTop Auto Rates offers a wide range of reliable auto insurance plans and services to customers. They provide unique facilities as well as personalized features to their customers when it comes to auto insurance. Besides this, they also take a good interest in affiliate marketing. The affiliates of Top Auto Rates earn a lot of commission on each and every auto insurance lead.
  • Agile Rates – Auto InsuranceAgile Rates is a completely free auto insurance comparison platform which helps customers get the most accurate and custom quotes in the US. Just like their customers get quick and hassle free insurance quotes, in the same way, the affiliates are paid commissions for all the leads generated for the Agile Rates – Auto Insurance.
  •  Endurance Auto Warranty Endurance Auto Warranty is the top rated auto insurance service provider who has paid over $185 million for claims since 2006. They offer custom plans and packages to customers looking for affordable insurance services. Their affiliate program is also great as the commissions are good and the affiliate is paid for each lead generated for the business.
  • Provide Auto Insurance

    Provide Auto Insurance is committed to providing a fast, easy and free marketplace to people looking for auto insurance. They make sure that customers get budget friendly insurance for the automobiles they own. 
    The affiliate pay-off is also pretty simple when it comes to Provide Auto Insurance as they have different rates for weekdays and weekend leads. All the leads are qualified once they have filled out the complete multi-step lead form.
  • Cheap CoverCheap Coverage Rates has a great affiliate program that pays you for all the unique clicks from the USA. At Cheap Coverage Rates, customers can easily compare several insurance policies in real-time all at once. This auto insurance provider allows customers to choose the best insurance policies by providing the most relevant and valid options.
  • Car Insurance.netCarinsurance.net is an auto insurance provider which offers a unique and innovative online platform where customers can compare insurance rates as well as coverage. They also take good care of the affiliates generating leads for their business.

How we compiled Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs List

In order to create this lucrative auto insurance affiliate program our team of experts analyzed some of the leading insurance merchants and financial service providers in the market. After conducting a detailed analysis of these auto insurance companies we came up with the top 10 most successful sites in this niche.

How are Affiliate Programs Paid?

This is one of the most important questions asked by affiliate marketers. Most of the websites and companies pay affiliate commission on each click from the affiliate website or source. These unique clicks may be from affiliate social media posts, website blogs, news feeds, or other digital sources. 

Each time a potential customer ends up filling a complete inquiry form a lead is counted. The affiliates are paid off based on various programs like Pay Per Click, Pay per Sale, Pay Per Lead and more.

The payment method may vary from merchant to merchant but the process is almost the same in each case.


We have managed to find the 10 best Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs that offer maximum EPC to affiliates. Hope that after going through this blog you will be able to find the right vendor. 

This article is not just about affiliates helping insurance service providers find leads and earn commissions. It’s about building a strong affiliate network that can benefit both in a long run. Team Zappian is committed to that as with many of our articles, posts, and pages we help top-class companies connect with the best affiliates around the globe.

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