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8 Best AI Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2023

8 Best AI Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2023

In the competitive affiliate marketing environment, it is important to be aware of the latest tools that help captivate the demands of the targeted audience. The AI sector is experiencing advancements on an everyday basis and this also reshapes the entire audience engagement and content creation strategy. These AI affiliate marketing tools can do everything, starting from writing engaging content to generating compelling videos and audio to draw more leads. When combined together AI and affiliate marketing strategies can generate numerous positive results.

In this guide, we will learn about the top affiliate marketing AI tools that supercharge affiliate marketing campaigns.

What are the Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing?

Using AI for affiliate marketing helps generate more leads, predict customer behaviour, and optimize advertisements. The following are some of the most popular AI affiliate marketing tools in the market:

1. Jasper

jasper ai affiliate marketing


This tool leverages the power of AI for affiliate marketing by providing a cutting-edge writing assistant that features impressive quality. Users need to provide this affiliate marketing AI bot with some seed words. The writing assistant then starts spinning phrases and paragraphs based on the tonality and subject matter. Jasper AI affiliate marketing tool is capable of generating around 1500 words in a matter of seconds.

2. Scaleo

scaleo ai tool for affiliate marketing


Scaleo is one of the best affiliate marketing AI tools that allows users to keep a record, optimize, and analyze their affiliate business and campaigns using AI technology. This tool allows you to choose the ideal time for a marketing campaign and help generate quality leads.

3. Referral-AI

best ai tool for affiliate marketing


This tool assesses your business’s relationship network and helps generate top-notch referrals to crucial partners, investors, accounts, and other potential leads. This platform collects real-time data from the internet and generates the best connections by leveraging machine learning technology.

4. LinkFire

linkfire ai tools for affiliate marketing

This tool leverages AI to generate smart links for affiliate marketing campaigns. LinkFire generates links that redirect the audience to certain destinations as per their device or country.

5. Convertbot

convertbots affiliate marketing ai bot

This platform is indeed on one of the best AI for affiliate marketing. If you want to utilize an affiliate marketing AI bot, you should surely consider using Convertbot. This chatbot communicates with the visitors, enhances the engagement factor, and leads to better conversions.

6. DreamStudio

dreamstudio ai tools affiliate marketing

This AI affiliate marketing tool generates impressive images by leveraging the power of AI. Users can enter their requirements and the tool will generate images based on the prompt saving a considerable amount of effort and time.

7. Lumen5

lumen best ai tools for affiliate marketing

Unlike DreamStudio, Lumen5 generates high-quality videos at scale based on the instructions given by a user. It is one of the best free AI tools for affiliate marketing that uses machine learning algorithms and natural learning processing to create engaging visuals, transitions, and video scenes that match the intent of the content.

8. AdCreative ai

adcreative jasper ai affiliate marketing

This affiliate marketing AI tool allows users to create highly engaging advertisement campaigns that feature creativity and keep the audience engaged. In order to generate an effective ad, marketers need to enter the goal of the campaign and the targeted audience.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing with AI?

How to Do Affiliate Marketing with AI


Affiliate marketing using AI tools can help boost marketing efforts of individuals. The exact usage of leveraging AI for affiliate marketing depends on the tool that you choose.

However, AI can help affiliate marketers to:

  • Generate blogs, articles, etc.
  • Create ad campaigns
  • Increase engagement
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Create effective images and videos
  • Communicate with the visitors of the website
  • Generate smart URLs for driving traffic to a certain destination


The above guide mentions some of the most widely used AI affiliate marketing tools that can help marketers boost their outcomes. All of these tools combine the efforts of affiliate marketing with AI and boost the efficiency of marketing strategies by automating time-consuming tasks which lead to increased returns on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What role does AI play in affiliate marketing?

One can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to boost the results of affiliate marketing strategies. AI assists marketers in generating high-quality content, tracking and optimizing performance, and detecting frauds as and when required.

2. What are some of the best free AI tools for affiliate marketing?

Here is a list of the most popular AI affiliate marketing tools available in market:

  • Jasper
  • Scaleo
  • Referral
  • LinkFire
  • Convertbot
  • DreamStudio
  • Lumen5
  • AdCreative


3. Is Jasper AI affiliate marketing tool free?

Jasper AI is not completely free. New users can use this platform for free for a 7-day trial period. Once the trial period is over, users can purchase a subscription package that best suits their requirements.

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