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8 Latest Ways for Lead Generation with Google Ads in 2023

8 Latest Ways for Lead Generation with Google Ads in 2023

There is no denying that Google lead ads may be a very efficient technique to create leads for your brand. However, the pricing doesn’t always fit a business’ budget.

Thus, for the sake of your company’s online marketing, it is crucial to ensure the implementation of a high-quality lead generation campaign. So, here are some proven tips for lead generation with Google Ads.

What is Google Lead?

Adwords leads, also referred to as Google leads, are extensions created to assist businesses in generating prospects straight from different mobile search results pages. The client information is gathered when they conduct online product or service searches or enter particular phrases on Google.

How to Get Leads From Google Ads?

Here are eight practical strategies that will help you get leads by Google Ads:

 1. Use the Right Keywords 

Choose the right keyword when you generate leads through google ads

Keywords are the backbone for lead generation with Google Ads.

When choosing keywords for Google Ads lead generation, keep keyword intent in mind. Depending on how you gather leads, you’ll need to match keyword intent with the keywords you pick.

2. Initiate an Intriguing Ad Copy while running Google Lead Ad

Make a good Ad copy to generate leads through goole ads

The Google lead ads for a company are the initial points of contact between them and potential prospects. Hence, the ad language needs to be clear, straightforward, and appealing, emphasizing the unique selling aspects.

Also, you must focus on adding an enticing call-to-action (CTA) to attract people to do the intended action, which can be signing up or purchasing.

3. Personalise the Content for Your Target Audience

Make personalize content to generate leads with google ads

Before you head to buy leads from Google, first, see the data under the “Queries” tab in the Google Search Console. This helps you discover more about your target demographic.

Carefully analyze the statistics on impressions and clicks for each query. This is a vital step to figuring out an effective B2B Google Ads strategy as the number of times a search result from any website appears on the SERP for a query is tagged as impressions. On the other hand, the number of times a user clicks on that result is referred to as clicks.

You can use these insights to better target your audience by tailoring your lead generation ads. For example, when you observe that a preferred community is more inclined to queries for a specific group of keywords, you automatically include text that targets that audience.

4. Optimise Landing Pages

optimize landing pages

The landing page is where user interactions take place. It is the page to which potential leads will be directed after clicking on the ad.

These are some of the most powerful landing page practices for better lead generation with Google Ads:

  • Select designs that are both interesting and visually attractive.
  • Stress adding conversion-optimized pages featuring some sort of lead capture. It can be a CTA button, a form, or simply any scheduling tool.
  • Prioritise consistent messaging with ad copy.

5. Don’t Forget to Use Ad Extensions

Use proper Ad extension when you run google ads to generate leads

Ad extensions are yet another great tool to generate a lead from Google Ads. They allow you to provide more information about your company in your adverts.

Call extensions, location extensions, and site link extensions help increase the exposure and click-through rate (CTR) of your ad.

6. Take Ideas From Competitor’s Strategies

Take ideas from competitors Strategies

Understanding some of your rivals’ advertising methods gives significant insights and assists you in identifying areas where you may seek an advantage. Thus, look to build more targeted advertising as you perceive what works for competitors in your sector.

7. Test & Optimise Ads Accordingly

Test & Optimise Ads Accordingly when you   generate leads through google ads

A marketing team must test and improvise their campaigns regularly if they want to enhance a business’s performance. Results from Google PPC leads are assessed using parameters like CTR, CPC, conversion rate, and cost per lead (CPL).

You can compare these KPIs to search advertising industry standards. This will give you an idea of where you stand. Also, track your own performance to see how you may improve throughout your campaigns.

8. Set Up Conversion Tracking

Set Up Conversion Tracking when you run google ads lead generation campaign

This is an essential tool for checking the effectiveness of your lead generation with Google Ads. To execute this, first, open your Ads account. Then, in the upper right corner of your device’s screen, click the “Tools & Settings” symbol.

Right there you will see an option saying “Measurement”. Click on it to select “Conversions”. There you have to add a new conversion action by clicking the blue “+” button.

Once a unique conversion tracking tag gets initiated, you must install it on your website. Consider using a tag manager like Google Tag Manager to accomplish this action.

As the tag is deployed, please cross-check to see whether the conversion tracking is working properly and collecting the data you need to optimize your campaigns.


To ensure successful lead generation with Google Ads, the traffic you bring in must be relevant to both your offering and the target audience’s search query. If you’re not getting the correct type of leads, consider practicing the helpful strategies listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we generate leads from Google Ads?

Yes, this is because registering on Google Ads services allows you to promote your business across platforms other than Google. This directly results in consistent high-quality traffic to your website.

2. What is the difference between leads and website traffic on Google Ads?

The volume of visitors entering your website correlates to website traffic, whereas leads are potential consumers who have expressed interest in a product or service by submitting contact information.

3. How to buy leads from Google?

Google does not directly share leads with any business. Instead what you can do is run a successful ad campaign to collect contact information of potential buyers.

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