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10 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes To Actually Avoid in 2023

10 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes To Actually Avoid in 2023

Covid-19 has transformed the world of B2B sales. Closing a b2b deal has turned into a baffling task. But criticizing the situation won’t benefit. Instead, doing karma would yield stronger results. Yet, there are times when a splendid campaign fails to deliver quality leads. For that reason, one constantly seeks for corrections but ends up avoiding the most pertinent one. There could be common marketing mistakes as well that make little sense to you, but are the most significant ones.

Well, in the present scenario, gaining real-time leads is not a substantial deal. But getting verified leads that convert into paying customers is troublesome. So, first, let’s talk about figures which will give us a glimpse of lead generation.

  • According to a report from HubSpot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. While,
  • According to BrightTALK, 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation.

Both statistics reflect why generating leads is not a cakewalk, but the primary aim of b2b marketers is to get verified leads. So getting the correct prospects is vital for the business. You can gain new and hot leads by working on your errors. Unintentionally, we make common lead generation mistakes that become hurdles while acquiring new customers. So, these common lead generation mistakes can now be avoided by reading this article.

We’ll try to solve the 10 common b2b lead generation mistakes to improve your chances of getting new prospects. Let’s walk us through this piece and see if you are still making these mistakes in 2021. And if yes, then let’s find a solution to it

10 Common b2b lead generation mistakes to actually avoid in 2023

1.You are not branching out your lead sources:

You put all your energy, resources and time on a single platform hoping to get convertible results. Moreover, you have also put a variety of content on your site in various formats. Still, you don’t get desired leads. First, don’t get frustrated and instead of concentrating on a single source for your lead generation, try this solution.
With much content in your hand, use it to educate, inform and entertain different target groups. Disseminate your content on multiple channels like social media, forums, websites,and groups to reach maximum people. You never know where you’ll find your prospects.

2You are neglecting Lead Scoring and Routing

Lead Score:  Having a bunch of leads is not something new. But, having it and not getting converted is a severe problem that needs an immediate solution. Well, rating your leads will assist you in focusing on the most convertible leads. Investing more time and effort on leads with a higher conversion rate will provide a higher ROI on your lead generating efforts.Lead Routing: Intelligently route your qualified leads. Don’t include all of your leads in a marketing campaign. Companies with a high lead score should speak with an Account Executive or Business Development / Sales Development Representative. Companies with a low lead score can be placed in a marketing campaign–one that is personalized for their segment

3.You don’t categorize your leads

The more leads you have, the better, but don’t overlook the clever, laser-targeted strategy. Segmentation enables you to identify cost-effective marketing channels for a specific target while also reducing waste. Commence segregating with the fundamentals geographical location: If you have a grown-up business, try segmenting your leads based on their geographical location. It could be based on their country, state, and region. Moreover, cultural preferences, language, population type are other ways to divide your customersBy company size: Diving the leads based on large, medium, and small businesses will help you give a gist about your performance. You’ll be able to analyze your target audience well. Also, it will provide you with rough ideas about your profits.Segmenting leads will give you a clear picture of the quality and source of your information. Then next time, implement a strategy to focus on those key sources. It will help you get your time saved and emphasize those channels at which your target groups are present.

4. You are not using a variety of Content

The secret behind B2B Companies closing deals during the pandemic is now revealed. They all have shifted their offline marketing strategy to digital marketing. When all your competitors are using the digital medium and engaging with clients on various platforms via creative content, why are you lagging?

Today, people spend their maximum time using mobile phones, and people prefer variety. Then to swim with colors, you need to fulfill the demand. Then only you’ll be able to get the exclusive leads. Use audio, video, text formats to create unique content like blog posts, newsletters, case studies, research reports, among others. It will help you engage with your leads in different ways, thus increasing the chance of getting leads converted

5.You only utilize your leads once:

You have hundreds of leads in your database. Chances are they were lying in your recycle bin or have been sleeping on your wasted list. So, it’s time now to open that list or restore it from your bin to send them key messages.Follow-up your leads by calling them in addition to running email campaigns or establishing several segments and starting more far-flung drip campaigns with multiple steps and additional offers. It could turn your uninterested prospects into interested and happy customers.

6.You are sending your prospects to a Generic Page

You design a perfect campaign message at times, but it still doesn’t give you expected results. You might be routing your potential leads to a web page that is uninteresting to them, could be the reason why your target customers are not availing of your services.If you didn’t know, according to MEC LABS’s latest study, more than 44% of clicks generated by B2b companies sent consumers to the homepage instead of any specific landing page, resulting in an elevated bounce rate.
For new visitors, homepages are often puzzling. Instead, initiate by creating a unique landing page for each of your products or services. Ensure that these pages are optimized with personalized messaging and the right call to action (CTA)

7.You are not using the right Call to Action

According to Small Business Trends, over 70% of B2B websites lack a compelling call to action. It pushes potential consumers even fartherCTAs must be appealing and engaging. It should include compelling text to persuade people to click. The words you use must convey a feeling of urgency, worth, and trust. According to Unbounce statistics, utilizing ‘submit’ as your CTA anchor text reduces the conversion rate by 3%.

To outperform other efforts, personalize the CTA. Personalizing your CTA, according to HubSpot, will convert your prospects 202% better than distinct variations. Finally, to enhance click-through rates, insert the CTA in the proper position. Try some creativity, and see the results

8.Not addressing the blue whale in the room Price

Price :The first question which all the customers probably enquire is, “How much?” Price is the critical factor in turning your leads into your basket. Work on the pricing strategy as it will maximize your profit and revenue. Try to go below the competitive price. If you are in the mood to reduce the price, better get ready with the list of benefits you’ll be giving to your customers.

USP : Far too many businesses in the B2B sector look and sound the same. The customer has little to pick between them – possibly only price. The fact is that unless you have a distinct voice, you will not be acknowledged, and your customers will have no justification to choose you over the competitors. A unique selling proposition (USP) is essential in establishing a marketing plan connecting with your target demographic. Try creating a USP that drives leads and converts prospects by analysing your customers’ requirements, learning how your competitor operates and recognizing your strengths

9.You are asking for too much information on the Lead Form

This is a question that many marketers grapple with! What is the optimal amount of fields for a lead generation form? The bottom line is that the fields should be related to the content. Long one-page forms with too many inquiries are frequently ignored. We still encounter lead forms with ten or more fields on one page asking specific questions like title, function, years in the firm, budget, personnel count, and address, and so on, when 2-4 lead generation fields are adequate.

10.You do not offer free resources

Lead generation is all about informing people about what you have to offer and establishing trust. It was observed that providing a free resource or tool can help your audience engage with your business, add value, and build confidence before moving further down the funnel.

You can offer free resources like e-books, guides, strategies, training, courses, tips and tricks or service trials, among many others. It is one of the most acceptable ways to build trust.

Ready to get quality leads?

Now that you have cracked the code, try to avoid these 10 common B2B lead generation mistakes in 2021. With this strategy, you will see an increase in high-quality leads and reap the benefits of high conversion rates. Use these solutions to maximize your chances of moving the most leads down the sales funnel in the future.

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