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10 Best Personal Loan Affiliate Programs in 2023

10 Best Personal Loan Affiliate Programs in 2023

There isn’t a single working person who hasn’t considered taking out a personal loan for some reason or another. Handling loans could be intimidating, frightening, and perplexing. As a loan affiliate, you’ll be in a remarkable position to not only help customers who are hunting for decent loan options, but you’ll also be able to make substantial profits from each finalized referral

Just to put things into perspective, personal loans are the fastest-growing debt category, improving at a rate of around 12% each year since 2015.

People consider personal loans to be a more affordable alternative to credit cards since they often offer lower interest rates than credit cards and can be used to finance almost any type of expense. According to the current Fed statistics, the average annual percentage rate for personal loans is 9.34%. Meanwhile, the national average credit card interest rate is around 16.43%. Thus, making it the preferred choice for the customers.

If you’re looking for the best personal loan affiliate programs to promote in 2021 to earn more, then this is exactly for you.

Best Personal Loan Affiliate Programs

  • Personal Loan Pro
  • ZippyLoan
  • Max Loan 365
  • Monevo
  • Viva Loan
  • Honest Loan
  • Loan Service USA
  • Installment Loan SOS
  • Family Lending Services
  • Brighter Loan

1. Personal Loan Pro

EPC: $0.95
Payout: $15
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Personal Loan Pro Affiliate Offer- Zappian

Personal Loan Pro has definitely made loan shopping easier and less time-consuming because customers get loan quotes from all of the lenders in its network without having to go to many different companies’ websites individually to apply.

It is a great affiliate resource for loans. Here, customers get personalized plans in just 2 minutes. All they have to do is visit the site and fill the form that will ask them about their basic requirements. In no time, their personal loan is sanctioned.

Their affiliate program is a robust one, with all the pertinent marketing materials and tracking features with $0.95 earnings per click. It also offers an active affiliate management team that is available in times of need, especially for new affiliates who are just getting started in the market.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  • Easy and fast application process
  • Borrowers get instant choices, which is a selling point.
  • Loan flexibility


2. Zippyloan

EPC: $2.05
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: 1 Day

The Zippy Loan team follows a personal loans provision a little differently. Instead of enabling the financing request in-house, they plug the customers into their network of lenders, who lend customers anywhere from $100 to $15,000. Their approval procedure is quick, and a personal loan can be obtained in as little as one business day. All the customer requires is confirmation of a steady source of income and evidence of legal age. There is no problem with having bad credit.

Moreover, it keeps the customers’ data secure. The customers can repay with multiple installments, in some cases up to 60 months. Also, even if the prospects are repairing their credit, then also they can obtain a loan. Another additional benefit is that some of their lenders provide repayment terms of up to 60 months with a small business loans facility, thus giving sufficient time to pay back the loan.

With the potential earning of $2.05 per click, this affiliate offer may be well worth the effort if you can get beyond the cookie length of one day. Furthermore, the payout would depend on your sharing speed so the more you refer, the more you earn. Therefore, this affiliate program is the most lucrative one.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Generous Commission Rate
  2. Funds directly deposited
  3. Large Customer Base


3. Max Loan 365

EPC: $0.81
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Financial requirements can shift gradually and at times abruptly. MaxLoan365 understands this very well and thus offers consumers rapid and safe access to loans that are tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to accomplish more with their money.

MaxLoan365 provides the loan to customers even if their credit score is bad as for them credit score is just one aspect. Their lenders consider a broad range of criteria to determine the eligibility of the loan. Moreover, they accept all credits ranging from poor to excellent. This gives them a wider range of audiences to serve.

It becomes effortless for the affiliates to promote this perspective thus giving you $0.81 earnings per share. Furthermore, the revenue sharing model gives shared success to both affiliates and prospects.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. A One Stop Shop For Personal Loan
  2. Fast-Real Loan Requests
  3. Wider Target Audience


4. Monevo

EPC: $1.15
Payout: $52
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Founded in 2009, Monevo is an award-winning online loan matching platform. They operate in real-time to equip customers with the most up-to-date prices available. This means that instead of receiving generic, pre-set loan offers, Monevo will utilize its award-winning technology to connect with lenders as soon as customers submit their requests.

Because Monevo works in real-time, borrowers can generally evaluate competing offers from multiple lenders. This also enables them to obtain updated, and frequently lower, rates than elsewhere. However, with Monevo, prospects can request up to $100,000; no matter what their requirements are, they are likely to obtain the loan.

The affiliates have a goldmine of a commission with $1.15 earning per click. Moreover, it offers a high loan amount to the customers, the payout too is no less than $52, making it a perfect choice both for the prospects and the affiliates.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. High Payout
  2. Real-time Offers
  3. Trusted Brand

5. Viva Loan

EPC: $1
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: 1 Day

Viva, a mid-range performing aggregator offers loans from all the basic to high-level requirements. The customers can make a loan request for between $100 and $15000. From debt consolidation to major purchases, medical expenses to vacation expenses, it is a one-stop shop for all the worries.

Military personnel, as well as those who have benefits as their main source of income such as retirement income, income from social security, and pension payments, are eligible for VivaLoans. Moreover, it provides different types of lending services to its customers, be it short term or long term personal loan.

For affiliates, it becomes another best choice as it caters to a specific set of audiences that can be targeted easily and uniquely. With $1 earning per click, it will 100% increase your bank balance if you give this offer a shot.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Decent Commission
  2. Exclusive Target Audience
  3. Experienced Team


6. Honest Loan

EPC: $0.43
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

There are a few people who always look for known and long-established brands. Well, in that case, borrowers usually consider Honest Loan as it is one of the formidable brands among the personal loan industry. Therefore, its preference usually gets hiked up.

Honest Loans, a platform for hassle-free personal loans. This platform has focused its efforts on making the process of locating appropriate lenders easier. Customers can easily apply online and will be linked with over 100 lenders that fit their criteria.

The affiliates can earn $0.43 per click with this affiliate offer. Moreover, Honest Loans being a reputable loan service provider is the known brand in the affiliate marketing industry.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Negotiable Commission Rates
  2. Decent Commission
  3. Established Brand


7. LoanServiceUSA

EPC: $0.41
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed is a market-leading, high-converting loan network site targeted at consumers looking for a personal loan within the United States. Loan amounts typically range from $100 to $40,000. Its offers are only available for Email and Display. Traffic that is incentivized is not permitted by the LoanServiceUSA.

More to that, LoanServiceUSA offers a broad range of loan amounts, particularly if the customers are searching for a lesser amount than most clients go with personal loans. The company will also take into account all sorts of credit ratings.

Their affiliates have been making a good living, earning $0.41 per click. You will never be disappointed with their affiliate program if you target the correct demographic.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Product Range
  2. One Stop-Shop For Personal Loan
  3. Dedicated Team

8. Installment Loan SOS

EPC: $0.40
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

We, homosapiens, work so hard that at times we end up exhausting. So to end that tiredness, we plan to relax our minds. For this, people usually plan trips, organize parties, and fulfil their dreams which at times disturb their budget. So, at that time just don’t forget to keep Installment Loan SOS in your mind. It’ll be the most reliable lending partner.

Users can apply to receive up to a $50000 loan- for when you need a financial life raft! Apart from personal loans it also includes Cash Advance Loan, Installment Loan, and Emergency Loan. In case you were wondering, they also provide small business loans.

Being the popular choice among the affiliates, you can make decent revenue as the commission rates are quite persuasive. With $0.40 earnings per click, it is still a winning bet.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Fast and Real-Time Loan Requests
  2. Full-fledged Service is a Great Selling Point
  3. Strong Conversion Rates

9. Brighter Loans

EPC: $0.43
Payout: Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Brighten Loans commits to connecting the customers with an approved lender. They also made the process simple by taking instant decisions. The best part is every inquiry they receive is handled with care and speed. If the application doesn’t match the desired amount, apparently, in that case, the service will recommend matches for lower amounts which are really helpful to those who have an emergency.

More to that, Brighten Loans recognizes that obtaining a personal loan is a private issue. Money is needed for a variety of reasons, including critical automobile maintenance, unforeseen medical expenditures, a much-needed family trip, basic home improvements, and so on. Therefore, its services are really quick.

For the affiliates, the Brighter Loans affiliate program can be a wise choice as the services are really fast with $0.43 earnings per click. Time is precious and you should make the best use of it.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Decision within Minute
  2. Dependable & Reliable
  3. High Standard

10. Family Lending Services

EPC: $0.43
Payout:  Revshare
Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

People usually plan to avail the services from those who serve a wider range of audiences in a specific niche. That is the case with Family Lending Services. As the name says, it serves a complete family. Thus, apart from targeting the general demographics, it is catering to the families as well. No matter what their size is, it will still be a unique set.

Also, with minimal documentation, customers can obtain the funds in a matter of seconds or hours with Family Lending Services. So it encourages prospects to avail the loan so that even if they are in the process of rebuilding their credit, they may still qualify for a loan.

So, for the affiliates, you need to provide some personal information and once you have been registered as an affiliate you can enjoy $0.43. While the commission amount may not sound too promising, you are sure to close several loans as Family Lending Services offers some of the best options in the market.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  1. Wider Audience
  2. Lucrative Offers
  3. Extra Savings


Wrapping It up

These are the 10 best personal loan affiliate programs of 2021. There’s the potential for savvy affiliates to make a lot of money with these offers. Everything we have provided here is based on years of testing and tweaking. But if you are opting for an affiliate platform, just don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. 



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