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Uncover the Goldmine: Top Insurance Affiliate Programs You Must Join in 2023!

Uncover the Goldmine: Top Insurance Affiliate Programs You Must Join in 2023!

Insurance is a form of financial security for you and your family in unfavorable circumstances. Car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and a number of other types of insurance are commercially available. These cater to different types of circumstances and offer you a security bubble whenever needed. 

But did you know that you can make a substantial amount of money without even selling insurance? There are various insurance affiliate programs like life insurance affiliate programs, Geico affiliate programs and pet insurance affiliate programs from which you can choose and promote other programs to earn a living.

When you avail of insurance, you protect your family and yourself from unforeseen events. It is one of the most effective forms of savings since it allows you to keep a cool head in a myriad of stressful situations. When you’re backed by insurance, there’s no need to be concerned.

Insurance affiliate program: An expanding industry 

It is not easy to choose the correct affiliate program; there are a number of varied programs in the market, and one of them is the pet insurance affiliate program. Selecting the best one out of the heap would be best if you need a little insight into the niche.

Insurance is quite a broad concept. It doesn’t affect just one aspect of your life in particular, but it has a wide range of effects. Insurance covers all key categories, from materialistic to non-materialistic variables. As a result, the market for the insurance affiliate programme is higher than projected. 

The Geico affiliate programme, for example, is one of the many well-known insurance affiliate networks. However, having a Geico affiliate programme can be a difficult endeavor. They require specific criteria, one of which is that your club must have at least 50,000 active members.     

It may not be everyone’s first preference or interest to be an insurance salesperson, but what you can do is become an affiliate. All you have to do is promote the brand through engaging and relevant content, and you’ll get rewarded every time someone purchases insurance through your links.

However, how can you pick the best insurance affiliate program? With this article, we’re here to assist you with the same. So, we’ve compiled a list of several noteworthy insurance affiliate programs for you to consider.

What makes insurance affiliate programs a popular option

Like the insurance industry, the affiliate sector is getting a lot of attention these days. Money is the key factor, and plenty of funds are available in this field. Even if you join a small commission organisation, you can still easily make a modest living.

Insurance is necessary for everyone, and getting it through a strong recommendation establishes a level of trust and reliance. As a result, insurance affiliate programs are increasingly viable possibilities.

A list of the best insurance affiliate programs

With the trends exploding in 2022, some insurance affiliate programs are also booming and blooming. We bring you the five best insurance affiliate programs to select from.

Burial Insurance  

Burial Insurance is one of the world’s leading final expense insurance solutions. The affiliate programs they offer are among the top in the funeral insurance industry worldwide. This insurance pays high payouts to their partners and provides quality rich expense insurance plans to thousands of customers.

White-labelled forms, banners, links, and other marketing promotions working with the audience’s interest relevance are some of Burial Insurance’s options for qualifying websites. To join the affiliate program, all you have to do is visit Zappian, and from there, you can easily register yourself in the program.

Providence Direct Whole Life Insurance

Providence Direct Whole Life Insurance is a trusted brand that has been serving its customers for a very long time. Their affiliate programs guarantee high payouts with every new reference that you bring. The higher payouts and the Providence Direct Whole Life Insurance affiliate program also offer extended benefits to their affiliates. As a team member, you will receive competitive rates, support, and helpful guidance without any generous amount of sales pressure.

SelectQuote- Term Life Insurance

SelectQuote is one of the pioneers of direct marketing programs. The life insurance affiliate programs provided by SelectQuote have come a long way. They have streamlined their audience and affiliates to join as members or look for partnerships through very easy steps using technology.

If we talk about the payout process, the amount in SelectQuote- Term Life Insurance is certainly higher than all others in the market, and moreover, you get brand assurance. SelectQuote- Term Life Insurance company is well known and has a respectful market standing. It is easy to get references for a known brand.

Fidelity Life Insurance 

The Fidelity Life Insurance affiliate program provides payout up to $52.50 with a flat CPA. Their affiliate program is very simple to follow, and you can join the program without any hassle. 

You have to follow three basic steps to be a part of the affiliate program:

  • List down all the members’ names and email addresses and create a personalized message for them for the referrals.
  • The company will then email an invitation to get them to join their services through a link that will give them a detailed brief about the insurance program.
  • Once the referred person becomes a member, they get the payouts and extended offers.

Cobra Health Insurance 

Cobra Health Insurance is one of the leading health insurances in the US. Well, one characteristic that distinguishes it from others is that the Cobra Insurance extends your health PNA coverage when an employer’s plan ends. There are certain eligibility criteria that one should pass before applying for it.

The Cobra Health Insurance affiliate program is a great program that offers higher payouts and extended benefits. The program is trustworthy, and you can earn a decent amount from one reference itself. In a hypothetical case, if you plan to enrol yourself in the Cobra Health Insurance, you should visit Zappian, where you can easily register yourself without any hassle and start earning instantly.


Insurance is an ever-growing industry that continues to develop at an exponential rate. Due to the resilient nature of the monetary power that is engaged in insurance affiliate programs, they are also attracting a substantial audience. Even small businesses have affiliate schemes with higher compensation. Due to the ever-increasing demand for insurance, a new category of these is emerging every day.

But everything and every aspect comes down to your selection of the right affiliate program. For the selection procedure, it’s best to have some basic knowledge about the niche and the affiliate program you choose. 

The insurance affiliate market is no longer a set of boundaries, be it a beginner or professional; anyone can join the program. If you combine all the strategies discussed above, you are sure to become one of the successful promoters for your affiliate program. 

The affiliate program market is huge, and it is continuously expanding. There is no specific time to join because the market for affiliate programs is dynamic. You can join the program as per your preference via Zappian, where you will get a list of affiliate programs from which you can easily select and enrol with some quick and easy steps. Join the affiliate program and start earning now!

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