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Best 15 AI Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best 15 AI Affiliate Programs in 2024

Are you seeking to expand your affiliate marketing business by tapping into one of the most rapidly evolving spheres on the web? Your search ends here! We’ve curated an exclusive list of the 15 most promising AI affiliate programs for 2024, tailor-made for those eager to venture into this burgeoning domain. These programs offer a gateway to promote cutting-edge AI-powered tools, revolutionizing content creation and enhancing marketing strategies. Dive into this compilation to discover the best AI affiliate programs that could catapult your business to new heights in 2024.

1. Grammarly
2. Koala AI
3. Frase
4. Descript
5. Murf ai
7. Writesonice
8. Jasper
9. Notion
10. Pictory
11. Quillbot
12. Anyword
13. Getgenie
14. Scalehunt
15. VidlQ

Let us understand each AI program’s features one by one:

1. Grammarly


Grammarly, a quintessential companion for writers, provides grammar and style suggestions to enhance writing quality. Its affiliate program offers a seamless way for writers to recommend this helpful tool and earn commissions. Its key features are:

  • Grammar and style suggestions for impeccable writing.
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks.
  • Tone and style adjustments.

Grammarly tackles typos, grammar gaffes, and awkward phrasing, ensuring your writing is as smooth as a freshly brewed latte.

2. Koala AI


Stuck on a topic? Koala AI brainstorms like a caffeinated magpie, spitting out engaging ideas and outlines to get your creative juices flowing.
Koala AI simplifies content generation with its intuitive platform, aiding writers in ideation and content structuring. Its affiliate program extends opportunities for content creators to share this resourceful tool with their audience. Some of the highlights of this AI are:

  • Simplified content generation and structuring.
  • Idea generation and content organization assistance.

3. Frase


Master the art of SEO with Frase’s AI-powered research. Identify trending topics, optimize keywords and craft content that Google adores. Frase specializes in content optimization through AI-driven research, enabling writers to create SEO-friendly content. Their affiliate program supports writers in promoting this valuable tool while earning rewards. Let’s look at some of the features of it:

  • AI-driven content optimization for SEO.
  • Research assistance and content strategy planning.

4. Descript


Tired of staring at text? Descript transcribes interviews and recordings with lightning speed, freeing you to focus on the magic of storytelling. Descript offers innovative audio and video editing capabilities powered by AI. Through its affiliate program, content creators can introduce this unique editing tool to their audience.

  • Innovative audio and video editing with AI tools.
  • Transcription and editing features.

5. Murf AI

AI voice generator

Let your words come alive! Murf AI‘s diverse range of AI voices adds personality and pizzazz to your videos and presentations. Murf AI’s creative assistance simplifies content creation by generating ideas and refining content structure. Its affiliate program lets writers share this AI-powered aid and earn incentives.

  • Creative content ideation and structuring support.
  • Brainstorming and content outline generation.


Need a captivating ad copy or a snappy tagline? is your AI muse, churning out creative options to fuel your marketing fire. With its focus on generating engaging and persuasive copy, supports writers in crafting compelling content. Their affiliate program offers content creators a chance to endorse this resourceful tool.

  • Generation of engaging and persuasive copy.
  • Content creation for marketing materials.

7. Writesonice



Writesonice assists writers in refining their writing style and tone. The affiliate program provides writers with an avenue to recommend this platform to peers and followers. This one-stop shop for content creation handles everything from blog posts to product descriptions. Writesonic is the ultimate AI sidekick for busy bees.

  • Refinement of writing style and tone.
  • Assistance in enhancing content clarity.

8. Jasper


Unleash your inner Hemingway with Jasper’s powerful tools. Generate different writing styles, craft catchy headlines, and overcome writer’s block with ease. Jasper streamlines data analysis and report generation, catering to writers seeking efficient data-driven content creation. Its affiliate program presents opportunities for writers to introduce this AI tool to their network.

  • Streamlined data analysis and report generation.
  • Data-driven content creation support.

9. Notion


Organize your brain, projects, and life with Notion‘s AI-powered note-taking system. Keep everything synced and accessible, from brilliant ideas to grocery lists. The notion is a versatile workspace, that aids writers in organizing ideas and collaborating efficiently. Its affiliate program allows writers to advocate for this workspace solution.

  • Versatile workspace for idea organization.
  • Collaboration and project management features.

10. Pictory


Turn plain text into stunning visuals with Pictory‘s AI magic. Generate eye-catching social media graphics, infographics, and more, even if you’re no Picasso. Pictory’s image recognition and editing capabilities make it a valuable asset for content creators. Their affiliate program enables writers to share this visual content tool with their audience.

  • Image recognition and editing capabilities.
  • Visual content creation and customization.

11. Quillbot


Give your writing a fresh spin with QuillBot‘s paraphrasing prowess. Rephrase sentences, find synonyms and avoid plagiarism without sacrificing your voice.
Quillbot’s paraphrasing and grammar-checking features support writers in refining their content. The affiliate program offers writers a chance to endorse this rewriting tool.

  • Paraphrasing and grammar-checking tools.
  • Assistance in rewriting content.

12. Anyword

anyword advance

his AI wordsmith tunes your copy for peak conversion. Analyze your target audience, craft persuasive messages, and watch your clicks and sales soar.
Anyword‘s AI-powered copywriting tool assists writers in creating compelling ad copies. Its affiliate program allows writers to recommend this resource for ad content creation.

  • AI-powered copywriting for ad content.
  • Creation of compelling advertising copies.

13. GetGenie


Imagine a personal assistant for your writing! GetGenie schedules social media posts, generates creative prompts, and even writes personalized emails for you.
GetGenie’s content creation and customization options cater to diverse writing needs. Their affiliate program opens doors for writers to introduce this versatile tool.

  • Content creation and customization options.
  • Versatile support for various writing needs.

14. ScaleHunt


ScaleHunt‘s AI-powered analytics aid writers in understanding content performance. The affiliate program provides avenues for writers to advocate for this analytics solution. Conquer the SEO jungle with Scalehunt’s AI insights. Optimize your website content, track competitor strategies, and climb the Google rankings with confidence.

  • AI-powered analytics for content performance.
  • Insights and analysis for content optimization.

15. VidlQ


Boost your YouTube channel with VidlQ‘s AI-powered research. Find trending topics, optimize your titles and descriptions, and grab viewers’ attention like a master storyteller. VidlQ facilitates video optimization and analytics for content creators. Its affiliate program supports writers in promoting this video-focused AI tool.

  • Video optimization and analytics tools.
  • Assistance in enhancing video content performance.

In a world where AI-powered content tools are blooming, it’s like having a playground full of possibilities for anyone wanting to boost their productivity and unleash creativity. These affiliate programs don’t just unlock access to these amazing AI tools; they let you share your discoveries with others while earning rewards. It’s a game-changer that could reshape how content is created in 2024 and beyond!

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1. Can AI do affiliate marketing?

Absolutely, AI plays a significant role in affiliate marketing. It’s used to analyze data, understand consumer behavior, and optimize various aspects of marketing campaigns

2. What is the most lucrative affiliate program?

Determining the “most lucrative” affiliate program can vary widely based on multiple factors such as niche, audience, commission rates, and the quality of products or services offered. However, a few programs consistently stand out in terms of their earnings potential:

  • Amazon Associates.
  • Rakuten.
  • eBay Partner Network.
  • Leadpages.

3. What is the biggest market for affiliate marketing?

The retail sector contributes the largest portion, accounting for 43% of the total affiliate marketing revenue.


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