Zappian: The Propeller of a Digital Revolution

Zappian: The Propeller of a Digital Revolution

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Leaders drive Culture, Culture drives Excellence, and Excellence drives Results. Zappian, on the other hand, propels clients through result-oriented solutions by providing optimized traffic globally, making us one-of-a-kind. In light of this, the prestigious national daily Economic Times featured Zappian in the Business News section of their digital platform.

Arif Khan is the Chief Dreamer of the lead giant, Zappian. Commencing his journey with a handful of marketers, the company is taking a global center stage today. For a performance-based digital marketing agency with a slew of rivals in the industry, becoming the newsmakers was not a cakewalk. However, when you do things, it gets noticed, and that’s what happened with our organization.

Our data-driven strategy and expertise in digital marketing, especially performance marketing, strive for significant lead generation, conversions, installations, and online reach. From SMS to Email, Content to Push Notifications, and Media Buying to Social Media Marketing – Zappian is a one-stop solution for all digital problems.

We now serve people from the United States and India and is expanding into Europe and Southeast Asia. Our clientele originates from various industries, including BFSI, healthcare, education, cars, E-commerce, and the gaming sector.

We have catered to global brands with 2.18 Million monthly leads and provide solutions tailored for clients. The global spend in the digital market is expected to rise to $586 billion, with a 23% CAGR, and we expect to be one of the most prominent players bringing this digital revolution worldwide.

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Witness the B2B world from a different angle. Read our full story on Economic Times.

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