Our CEO, ARIF KHAN’s journey from Bhopal to Economic Times

Our CEO, ARIF KHAN’s journey from Bhopal to Economic Times

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Our CEO, ARIF KHAN, was featured by the National Daily, Economic Times. In the ET Newsmaker slab, he made a headline by inquiring about the importance of motivational factors like money and knowledge. The article, titled, “What drives you? Revenue or Consciousness?” was a motivating factor for all the employees in the organization.

Starting his journey from a tier-2 city and providing global solutions in a short period is what sets our thick-skinned CEO apart. He recounted his story in the article on how values helped him build a million-dollar business. In 2013, he founded his first dynamic startup, Rightful Labs, by combining his knowledge and innovation. What began as a lead-generating company has evolved into the renowned Mar-tech, which is on a mission to make marketers’ work smoother by creating more segmented campaigns. Data-dashboard solutions (the second product) is ready to give a tough call to its first product, i.e. Campaign Labs, the advanced campaign scheduling platform. The Serial Entrepreneur went on to found Zappian media, a brand in itself. This performance-based digital marketing agency is providing leads to reputable players. Accompanied by limited resources and roadblocks, yet Arif proved himself.

Arif, a strong supporter of ‘Digital India,’ aspires to transform the digital marketing field by catering to an ever-expanding loyal consumer base. Instead of being a primary revenue-generating machine, his unique method pushes the company on values multiplying into happiness and fulfilment. Our Visionary CEO is no less than an inspiration to many.

Witness the story of hardship, happy employees, gratitude, consciousness, all at one place in detail. Click on the link to read the complete article.

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