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Zappian at AW Dubai 2023

Zappian at AW Dubai 2023

The Affiliate Summit is one of the most prominent events in the affiliate marketing industry, bringing together affiliates, advertisers, and networks from all over the world to share their expertise, network, and learn about the latest trends and strategies in the field.

This year, the Affiliate World Conference 2023 was held in Dubai, UAE, and it was an event like no other. Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and high-end attractions, and the Affiliate Summit did not disappoint in this regard. The event was held on the 1st-2nd of March.
Dubai itself was enough to make the event unforgettable, but what really made the Affiliate Summit in Dubai stand out was the quality of the presentations, panels, and networking opportunities.

Zappian at AW Dubai 2023

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the highlights of AW Dubai. The most memorable moments for Zappian and the key takeaways for affiliate marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Networking opportunities-

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of attending the Affiliate Summit and exhibiting at the Booth was the opportunity to network with other players in the industry. We got our own place to sit and talk with affiliates, advertisers, and networks from around the world. By engaging with other attendees, networks were able to learn about new trends, technologies, and strategies in the industry, as well as share their own insights and expertise. This led to new business opportunities, increased visibility, and stronger partnerships.

2. Exhibiting booths

Bharat Pandey ( Business Head at Zappian)  said– “Exhibiting booth at the Affiliate Summit provided us with a valuable opportunity to reach and touch more publishers and to showcase our brand and services It also provided networks with a tangible way to connect with publishers and build stronger partnerships.”

By increasing brand visibility, demonstrating expertise, and building personal relationships with publishers, other networks, and advertisers, we were able to generate their interest in our products and platform and establish ourselves as key players in the affiliate marketing industry.

3. Access to industry leaders

In addition to networking and exhibiting, the Affiliate Summit provided us with to access some of the most influential leaders in the affiliate marketing industry. Keynote speakers and panelists included top affiliates, advertisers, and network executives, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the latest trends and best practices.

Satyaveer (Sr. Affiliate Manager at Zappian) – “ By attending these sessions, we were able to gain valuable insights on affiliate marketing strategy, program management, fraud prevention, and more. We also got an opportunity to ask questions, share our own experiences, and connect with industry leaders on a personal level.”

4. Exposure to new technologies

We got a chance to explore a wide range of products and services designed to improve affiliate marketing campaigns, including tracking and reporting software, fraud prevention tools, and more. By seeing these products in action and talking with vendors, and other networks, we were able to evaluate potential benefits and determine which solutions might be most relevant to our business.” – Said Zakir ( Sr Manager, Business Ops)

5. Competitive analysis:

Wajid Farhan ( Head of Email Marketing) said– “By attending the Affiliate Summit, networks were able to conduct competitive analyses on other networks in the industry”.

By evaluating the offerings, strategies, and tactics of their competitors, networks could identify areas for improvement, as well as potential opportunities to differentiate themselves and stand out in the marketplace. Additionally, by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors, networks could refine their own strategies and improve their overall performance.

In conclusion

the Affiliate Summit in Dubai provided a valuable platform for Zappian to grow its network and establish itself as a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. By taking advantage of networking opportunities, access to industry leaders, exposure to new technologies, and exhibiting booths, We were able to connect with potential partners, showcase our expertise, and increase their brand visibility.

Attending events like the Affiliate Summit is essential for networks to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry and to build strong relationships with affiliates and advertisers.
We look forward to attending such events full of opportunities, excitement, and fun. See you soon at AW Barcelona.

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