Traffic Manager

Marketing Team

10 June 2021

Full Time

1+ Year

About the opportunity

Looking for hungry and smart brains to collaborate and build an organization of Choice as we start this journey. Just to make a note – There are no issues or problems, only challenges for you to overcome and surpass your previous self!

Role and Responsbilities

The person requires to bring in trafic ie customers to the product. Their has to be identification of TG, Competitor research to bring in best for them and ensure they have a seemless journey throughout.

  • 1.Owning end to end setup of the product & website with the tech team
  • 2.Leading and co-ordinating for Loanfy’s trafic from initial & external trafic sources
  • 3.Promote & Market Loanfy with the marketing team
  • 4.Monitor as well as update business reports
  • 5.Bring in customer insights to enhance the product


As this is a pure trafic management role, a person with some experience/understanding of Ecommerce/Digital Marketing is a pre- requisite. Attention to details and on top of number game is also must. As the person will play a pivotal role between all the stakeholders (lender/ BD team, Tech, UX team, internal & external publisher, legal & compliance, etc), he/she has to be proficient in communica-tions. Also as we are in the inception phase, someone who always eyes, ears and google search open.


Not necessary someone who has work experience, but someone who has understanding of trafic management but is smart enough & a quick learner to adapt, explore and expand.

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