Techno Specialist


17 September 2021

Full Time

3-5 years

About the opportunity

The ideal candidate enjoys diving onto the technical issues, is experienced with domain and server knowledge, he should be multitasking can handle multiple servers at a time.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Setting up email infrastructure.
  • Power MTA installation and configuration management.
  • Implementing email authentications: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Experience with feedback loops (FBL) and bounce handling.
  • Managing UNIX/LINUX servers with problematic solving techniques.
  • Developing bash code required for automation of server related tasks and email architecture flow.
  • Configuring remote bounce processor for handling remote bounces.
  • Leading technical members & working closing with IT Infra specialist according to requirements


  • Experience in administering at least one email platform: PowerMTA, Postfix, Sendmail, Momentum and Qmail.
  • Experience in troubleshooting UNIX/LINUX and experience with debugging tool


Any graduate, preferred tech background


3+ years’ experience in system engineering (administration, configuration, troubleshooting and architecture).

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