We are open and working with our 100% efficiency remotely in Covid times !

"Bring growth and betterment in all the capacities to any stakeholder who interacts with our system."

We believes in making our today better than our yesterday in the lives of everyone who interacts with our system. Starting with our members, our clients, our support staff, our city, state and country becomes our prime focus.

Our Vision

"Converging smart insights that stimulate growth digitally"

We believe in delivering quality traffic to all our business partners which brings growth to them. This traffic we generate in terms of clicks is based on the data driven approach which also forms the base of all our marketing campaigns and its strategies.


Our Mission

“Our insights-driven approach, strengthened by creativity, acts as the right launchpad for businesses. We propel clients through result oriented solutions, and provide optimized traffic globally”.

The everyday thing that keeps us going is our aim to excel in everything we do. For every client that we work for, we take their business as ours, and provide solutions based on our expertise of marketing channels and vertical mix.

Our Founders


My expertise in email marketing began with a small step as an email executive. Since then I have tried my level best to know and understand the game of affiliate marketing in and out. I believe that the system should not limit your numbers and targets. If you run behind efficiencies, revenues will come hand in hand. I also believe in giving back to the system more than what I have got it. This is the sole reason I started my company in Bhopal and continue to serve my motherland and its children in all my capacities.

Arif Khan
CEO, Founder

I nurture Zappian Media India Private Ltd as I nurture my plants. I am determined to give the team and the individuals time for their creative pursuits, besides the day-to-day tasks. That way, the team has the leeway to develop skills beyond their job profile. I work day in and out make an open system driven on efficiencies and expertise. I believe in giving equal opportunity to the candidates who are deserving without any bias and preference on gender, caste, colour or region.

Fouziya Khan

Why Choose Us?

Thanks to our prior industrial experience in the performance marketing hemisphere, we preach the integral values of transparency and consistency. With emphasis on establishing strategic relationships that transcend into the future, we grow with the best to be the best. By delivering quality traffic through a multiverse of avenues of Email Marketing, Push Notifications, Search Engine Optimization, Media Buying and more, we aim to accomplish our business partners’ objectives together. This very traffic is mechanized through our AI and machine learning prowess, as these clicks are based on data-driven approaches—forming a base of all our marketing campaigns and strategies.

We aspire to excel in everything we do. Every business relationship, partnership, or enterprise we work with – our aim is to take their business as our own and provide solutions based on our expertise of marketing channel and vertical mix with respect to their factual matrix.

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