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How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an unaided page that the potential customers/visitors first see when they land by clicking through an ad, email, or other digital locations. A landing page should be designed to capture the information of the visitors in exchange of some value that customers need like discounts, coupon codes, offers, and other such business-to-business (B2B) overviews in the form of banners. There are multiple types of landing pages which we will discuss below.

Which qualities make landing pages different from other web pages?

Other pages like the homepage and sales pages are designed to live in the evergreen navigation of a website. Homepage and other such pages can be live for months without any changes but landing pages are framed to serve a specific purpose in a short-term goal of advertising and marketing campaigns to the target audience.
Usually, the homepage of a website endows a general blueprint of the business but if you have a particular short-term goal to keep in mind then a landing page would be perfect marketing niche for you to reach your goal in the buyer’s journey and it gives you the best possible opportunity to convert visitors into paying customers since it is crafted for the targeted audience.

What factors a lead page should have that convert visitors into paying customers?

A landing page should be straight informative and focally designed that encourages your visitors to take the desired action like buying products or joining your list.There are many factors that make your landing page unique to convert your visitor into paying customers and some of them are listed below:

  • Focus: It means the landing page should stay focused on one topic. Don’t change the topic frequently by stuffing multiple topics.
  • Relevance: The first line of the landing page should be simple and talks about the discounts & coupon code you are offering.
  • Benefits: The heading of the landing page must contain some eye-catchy words like limited time trial” or limited space (customers).

Usually, the information and content on the landing page encourage visitors to take only one action if you stuff unsymmetrical content on the landing page then it leads to distracting them. It means the more options you give make it harder for the user to take a decision.

Imagine, you created a landing page for your email marketing campaign and you also mentioned on the page about your other services like blog writing, subscription billing software, etc. With each option, the chance of the user to use trail your email marketing tool gets lower because you have distracted visitors from your primary focus.

If you framed your landing page keeping the above points in mind then your landing page will be able to convert your visitor into customers successfully and this is the best example of high converting landing page.

Landing pages do not stick to the same for different purposes. It changes purpose by purpose which we are discussing below.

Types of Landing Page:

There are main two types of landing page Lead Generation landing pages and click-through landing pages. As far as the structure goes, it totally depends on your goal, it can be a lead collection or it can direct users to your desired step.

  • Lead generation landing page:

    This is a type of page that is specifically crafted to capture the information of your visitors. It is also known as a lead capture landing page and lead capture landing page.The main feature of the lead generation landing page is a lead-collecting form that asks visitors to enter their contact information such as name, phone number, email, and other details. You can design a lead gen form more specifically that asks for their age, business, etc. If you are planning to get an insight into your visitor like who can be your valuable customers then a lead magnet landing page will be a more beneficial asset to your business.

  • Click-through landing page:

    Unlikely, it does not have a lead-collecting form like a lead gen page, it uses CTA (click-through action) buttons that redirect users to a page where they can complete the action you want .For example, a button contains text that says “click here to book your slot” to book an appointment, “order now” that redirects to the checkout page, and so on. The Click-through landing page is specifically designed for e-commerce websites and other such websites that are more into making sales not focused on collecting leads of visitors.

  • Landing Page Cost

    There is no fixed price to create a landing page, it depends on the requirements and varies from one web design company to another. There are several things that you can guess the approximate cost requires to build a landing page from scratch like how much work is required, the number of features you want to have on the page, and the complexity of the work. 

What is an SEO landing page?

A page that is designed and optimized for search engines is known as an SEO landing page. It should be framed for search engine algorithms that decide whether the page is valuable to searches or not.

So, if you are planning to make your landing pages noticeable on the search engine results then it is vital to make your landing page SEO friendly and it is the best digital marketing tool for your business. You do not need to go door to door to make your business noticeable to people, just invest a little money on SEO-friendly landing pages or on search engine optimization services and start getting your business visible digitally on search engine results.



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