Digital Campaign Analyst Email

Marketing Team

20 July 2021

Full Time

1+ Year

About the opportunity

We are looking for an Digital campaign Analysts to support our digital marketing team. Your responsibilities will include tracking online marketing trends, collecting and analyzing data, developing campaign strategies, optimizing and reporting online campaign performance, and communicating with clients.

Role and Responsbilities

  • Scheduling of Campaigns timely and precisely.
  • Making Report on Revenue generated from email marketing efforts.
  • Testing campaigns and identifying opportunities to increase campaign performance.
  • Keeping proper track and update of Online and Offline records of the technical process(campaigns).


  • Use analytics and metrics, and a number of technologies/tools, to analyze campaign results, successes and KPIs
  • Maintain a department budget within a digital marketing team
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills,interpersonal and collaboration skills.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing across social, display, and programmatic platforms.

Qualification Any graduate or Post Graduate.

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