We are open and working with our 100% efficiency remotely in Covid times !

Our Culture


Empowering the Youth

The organisation where the average age is 26, we value the young talent most. We take conscious calls to hire and train the young blood from our society, so that they bring in the freshness and high energy in the system.

For this we conduct internships in various colleges so that the young college graduates get information and knowledge about the digital marketing industry and become ready to step into the fastest growing world of digital marketing and performance marketing.

Empowering Our Ecosystem

We believe in giving back to the system more than what we have got from it. At various times our organisation has come forward to support the community.

A glimpse of our share and care
Roti Bank
Father's day
Red Bench
Plastic Free
Energy Efficient

A few testimonials from our people

I have seen numerous organizations that look lovely from an external perspective yet the image is distinctive when you work with them according to their representatives. It's a joyous work environment where you find steady individuals, an incredible climate, and testing assignments too, which you couldn't imagine anything better than to achieve. In each viewpoint, Zappians are consistently up to develop themselves whether it's by learning or by challenges, that thing I love the most and keeps me on toes consistently

shubham - Shubham Agrawal

A company that has a perfect combination of opportunities and challenges. Zappian Media India Pvt Ltd and it has offered me great growth opportunities by recognizing the best of my abilities. Zappian Media India Pvt Ltd provides the right environment where one can develop and make a mark. Started as a fresher, it's been a delight to work here, make friends, and above all surrounded by diverse people who are upbeat and fun.

shubhi - Shubhi Saxena

It is a fantastic company to work with. It has a defined process and has really good support for the employees. There is a lot of new learning to improve one's knowledge base, skills, and explore the digital world around us in a new way. The people here are nice and honest. The company takes care of employees in fact, it is their top priority. I have learned a lot from here and I'm still exploring something new every day. It is the best launchpad to start a carrier with

tarun - Tarun Barasker

How did we deal with the Covid times?

While the people in the world were struggling to save their jobs and fretting about termination, the members at Zappian Media India Pvt Ltd were given job assurances and no one was asked to leave. Also, every member got INR 5,000 as an extra remuneration so that they are not short of funds to purchase necessities. We were connected with online video meetings to discuss strategies and celebrate birthdays so that we don't feel distant in tough times.



An Open,
Fair and Transparent System

We recognize members for their potential and talent they pose rather than their years of experience or paper certifications. The system is fair and just and provides equal opportunities for all. The same gets reflected from 50% of positions held by women members, respecting and celebrating all cultural events, no differentiation in compensation offered, equal opportunities for all, etc. While we maintain our hygiene factors ensuring the system is not demotivated, there are several motivation factors like intellectually challenging work, culture of complete freedom and responsibility which engages our members everyday and pushes them to be better version of themselves.

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