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Choice of Candidates

The passion to work and determination to work become the key parameters to choose the right candidate for all our profiles, from Executive to Leadership. There are times where the skills are given higher weightage than the certificates possessed by the candidate. Also, as our first pool of candidates we open position to the locals of Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh. In fact, 90% of our workforce is from Madhya Pradesh and the smaller cities in it. Our company has given career path to many budding talents in Madhya Pradesh so that they don't leave their family and city far away in pursuit of their career.


Member Benefits

We believe in creating an engaged organization having a strong consistent focus on leadership and teamwork, and on giving employees a voice in order to deliver quality results to those who use our services. We create an environment that helps to dream and achieve.

Flexible hours and Work from home facilities
Healthy food options available like fruit tray, coconut water, sprouts on premise
Table Tennis, Snooker Table and other indoor sports engagement activities
Open doors and common floors represent the non hierarchical flow
Rewards and recognition scheme to motivate and enhance healthy competition spirit
Modern and spacious work stations
Performance Management System - Twice yearly staff focus groups and People Assessment
Fun activities to enhance brain capacities

A few testimonials from our people

I have started my Journey as a Digital Campaign Analyst and at that time the office premises. Initially, I had to work very hard. At that time we didn't have the technologies that we have right now. However, today, I am managing multiple things like data, tech, email design, email scheduling, and research.

Later, I was promoted as team leader of the Email marketing team and started managing all the tasks with my team. We have now shifted our focus from bulk emailing to targeted emails. I have organized an office Trip (To RPM), which is the best part of that year.

I was the part of our new business i.e. Call Center in Indore, where I was appointed as a CTO. I managed the complete setup of the Center and its processes, and the outcome of this was that we have expanded our employee strength to 40+ which is a great achievement for me. Zappian has given me a great opportunity to grow and excel, trusting my capabilities to expand this business.

shubham - Mahesh Meena

I chose Zappian. Having spent almost 13 years in metro's pursuing career with several multinationals, I always aspired to work at a place which provides a balance between a corporate setup and opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the lives of people. While I shifted cities and moved back to Bhopal, I came across Zappian. An organization which not only is professional, but respects individuals and stands tall on its core values. A team of beautiful individuals, having knowledge and skills, coming together to create magic. Heading their HR for last 6 months, I can confidently assure we are good people. It just felt right from day one. The company has high growth aspirations and provides good career opportunities. I feel proud that while I had to move away from home to build a career we today have an organization like Zappian in Bhopal focused on providing talent opportunities and imparting professional skills.

shubhi - Sakshi Mehta

I hail from a small town near Itarsi known as Seoni Malwa. However, to pursue my studies, I shifted to Bhopal and in conjunction, I met people from Zappian and got employed here. I had always thought that I would have to live in a metro city to grow in my career and achieve something for me but Zappian Media has given me that opportunity near my home. Not just this but I have got an awesome place to work in and a super awesome team to work with, which gives me all the metro feels without the metro perils here in Bhopal. Zappian Media is a dream company for all the people working in the Performance Marketing Industry because of its infrastructure, values and of course speed of growth.

hardik - Hardik Choubey

I started out as a trainee in digital marketing with Zappian Media, and this industry was very new to me. In my initial days, I felt welcomed by my colleagues. Being a fresher in the digital marketing industry, the support I received in terms of learning from my team members and managers was incredible and gradually I realized that I was doing something I really enjoy and this is what matters. I am looking forward to progressing my career professionally and personally with this amazing company.

yash - Yash Patel