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2021’s Best Online Digital Marketing Course in India

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The wave of digital marketing is reverberating throughout the country. Everyone aspires to make money from their homely comforts but before that, they’ve got to learn how to do it. That’s how online digital marketing courses made their way to India.

With too many avid learners trying to make their way into the digital marketing world, it’s a great opportunity for the teachers of the digital marketing process, procedures, and tactics. The biggest of digital marketing Gurus know that what they’re teaching is actually worth it and hence their digital marketing courses are certified and the students actually get accreditation to show for it.

Digital marketing is a highly simplistic activity that involves highly complex learning process. But once the learners get through online digital marketing courses in India, it is safe to say that they can boast it like a shining badge to their corporate armor.

While you might’ve come across an accolade of digital marketing courses that promise to equip you with an arsenal of skills, not all of them can be banked upon. You’ve got to know about the right digital marketing course and each and everything that it offers.

While that deep of a knowledge base can only be obtained with microscopic research, the best we can do is tell you about the best digital marketing courses in India that one just can’t miss if they want to be a Digi-whiz. That’s why- we are going to give an overview on India’s finest.

How to decide the Best Digital Marketing Course for Myself

There are some things that you simply have to follow in order to set a benchmark for yourself as to which one’s the best digital marketing course that suits you. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Curriculum & Faculty
  • Recommendations & Reviews
  • Placements & Return on Investmen

Now that we know what all factors are to be kept in mind while choosing the best digital marketing course in India, let’s look at a few star performers.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in India 2021

Digital Vidya had the first-mover advantage by bringing first of its kind digital marketing course in India. Their first course was a social media marketing one and since then, it has only got bigger and better. Thousands of students, working professionals, corporate gurus, and entrepreneurs are part of Digital Vidya’s alumni.

There are lots of courses that Digital Vidya offers. From Digital Marketing (CDMM), Social Media Certification Programs (CSMMP) and Mobile Marketing (CMMM) programs and it all comes in association with V-Skills, a Government of India initiative.

The Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahemdabad is a prestigious mass communications institute in India. It has partnered with Upgrad in the pursuit of something incredible for young guns and professionals who are looking to make it big in the world of digital marketing. The course we’re talking about here is a certification on Digital Marketing and Communication.

Covering all the aspects of digital marketing from social media, content, and branding to analytics, it is a one stop shop for avid digital marketing learners. The best part? The course is just six-and-a-half-months long. Students get certified from MICA itself, along with Facebook and hands-on experience with case studies, mentoring, projects, and what no

Web Marketing Academy is one of the best digital marketing courses in India. This provides 200+ hours of live classroom sessions, practical training with live projects and industry cases, and placement assistance. They have a strict rule when it comes to learning as they only take 8 students in one batch. Web Marketing Academy offers 3 major courses that are – Advanced Digital Marketing Course, Corporate Digital Marketing Training and Digital Marketing Crash Course

The course is globally recognized Certificates in Digital, SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics. Not just this they make you learn how to plan, strategize, and evaluate any digital marketing campaign.

And again, MICA comes to the rescue of digital marketing hopes and dreams. Teaming up with TalentEdge this time, they’ve come up with a specialized executive programme in digital marketing. It is fan favorite for beginners and working professionals and they’ve done a healthy amount of research to make this programme a success throughout.

There are more than 8 lakh registered listeners who’ve made the most out of Talent Edge’s programme and with MICA faculty there to educate, sky is the limit. If a young entrepreneur is reading this and wishes to expand his/her shop to digital boundaries, this is one of the best online digital marketing courses in India to take.

Not all the best online digital marketing courses in India are, well, online. This one by the Manipal Global Education Services is a brick and mortar classroom based course on digital marketing. But it’s not just limited to brick and mortar as the online certification program is of 30 hours and it includes quintessential digital marketing aspects with the likes of SEO, SEM, ORM and Analytics tracking.

Manipal ProLearn could well turn out to be the best digital marketing course for you if you have a keen interest in Google AdWords which has a humungous scope along with a pro’s rule-book to advanced digital marketing techniques and practices. The Google AdWords one is a joint certification program in association with its owner, Google India, and it has everything the learners need to specialize in AdWords marketing.

When it comes to a digital marketing course in India that not only gives out a crash course, but certifies the learners in just one month, IMRI is what comes to mind. HQ’d in the Silicon Valley of India, it is a full fledged digital media training centre that goes on an international stage.

Their one month executive programme has everything that a digital marketing expert should know– from PPC advertising, SEO and web analytics to SMM. Also, there’s a Professional Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM) a graduate program that goes for one year for highly vivid digital marketing aspirants

One must’ve heard about Simplilearn while researching for a website that gives out online training and certifications of various dynamics. As for the digital marketing enthusiasts too, this one’s a favorite. With over 30 courses that specialize in digital marketing, learners have the chance to get an experience behind the wheel in various domains.
The accreditation is done by the OMCP and these skills are a working professional’s favorite if they want to stay on top of the digital marketing zeitgeist. The certification aligns with Google, Facebook and HubSpot, something that gives it a run for the money.

The world of digital marketing is a rather tipsy-curvy one. But once you’re equipped with knowledge, accreditation and hands-on experience with one of the best online digital marketing courses in India, the world is your oyster. Take your pick!

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