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5 Highest-Paying Credit Card Affiliate programmes of 2023

5 Highest-Paying Credit Card Affiliate programmes of 2023

Credit card affiliate programs are the promotable programs that you can endorse yourself, given the rising need for credit cards. These programs have a lot of appeal because of their capacity to adapt and evolve at a rapid pace.

When it comes to selecting one programs from the numerous options available out there, the task seems next to impossible. We here bring you the list of the best credit card affiliate programs. The top 5 highest paying credit card affiliate programs in which you may participate and join the underdog category that is steadily increasing its earnings. But before comparing the top five, we should learn a little about credit card affiliate programs.
In simple words, an affiliate programs  is an agreement between the company that runs the product and gives incentives to the person or affiliate who, in exchange, promotes and brings authentic referral traffic for the specific product.

It’s one of many new concepts for connecting new customers to a company’s product through trustworthy affiliates who know enough about it to propagate a positive message about it.

The process of registering yourself for the programme varies from service to service. If we talk about the credit builder affiliate programmes, then American Express affiliate programmes are the most common ones.

Let us now look at the top five credit card affiliate programmes.

The top five credit card affiliate programmes

1 Group One Freedom

The group one freedom credit card affiliate programme offers you a payout of $18.25 CPA. The benefits of the group one freedom credit cards includes:

  • Access to roadside assistance 
  • Discount at the included pharmacies and some other relevant services
  • You don’t have to pay any interest on your expenses as long as you pay 10 percent of your balance each month or $25, whichever is higher.

It would be an easy task to promote the brand because of all the benefits it offers. Taking part in this affiliate programme will offer you the highest pay and give extended credit scores because the revenue of the programme is based on the selling of goods and services by another person or company and the sale, in turn, is dependent on the person selling it. The programme is known to be the credit builder affiliate programme. It is one of the most high-paying financial campaigns available at Zappian. You can join the programme by just registering yourself at the website.

2 Merit Platinum 

The Merit Platinum credit card affiliate programme is again one of the highest paying programmes. The affiliate or marketer can earn up to $750 credit limit with merit platinum. But there are certain eligibility criteria for the marketers that include:

  • The affiliate has to be 21 years old at least
  • The affiliate should be a legal US resident
  • Should have precise identity information with them
  • Affiliates should possess proper knowledge about the credit card affiliate programme

It is a finance campaign where the user can sign in to the website using the valid data to start the programme. Its approval period is on a monthly basis where the credit limit is approved by the 15th day of the upcoming month. No content or incentive locking is allowed to reduce the chances of fake traffic and fraud. One of the major benefits of this credit card affiliate programme is that it does not need a credit report. Programmes or campaigns in this range are very high-performing.

3 Netspend

Netspend is not only providing you with a credit-builder affiliate programme but is also helping you expand your customised, end-to-end prepaid programme to certify your label. They add their products to your prevailing customer services or offerings.

Netspend claims that no other prepaid credit builder affiliate programme has better market-leading knowledge to make your affiliate programme strong enough. It has a total of 5 million accounts, in which more than 50 percent of the users are enrolled in direct deposit schemes. Their prepaid card affiliate programmes have a wide reach and surely create an impact in the finance category.

Netspend has a team of advisors and trainers who help out the new affiliates in learning about the programme in a better way. The field sales team specialises in training and providing on-field support

4 Evolve card

Through the credit card affiliate programme of Evolve cards, the affiliates could earn up to $5 per opt-in. It is specifically designed for people with bad or no credit scores. Evolve card helps you in:

  • Pointing the best rewards and credit score programmes that are suitable for you
  • Your budget is considered, and the programme is given to keep your audience engaged

The programme gives you good rewards in the form of cashback offers, e-wallet points, referral codes, and the CPA that you earn. Evolve cards charge you with no monthly fees, and it gives you the freedom to buy the things you need. If you look forward to popular brands, there is 0% financing towards it. If you are looking to register, you should go to Zappian, where you can easily enrol for the Evolve credit card affiliate programme in some quick and easy steps.

5 Reflex Mastercard

The reflex MasterCard credit card affiliate programme is specially designed for people looking to build their credit score. Customers who make the specified minimum amount of outstanding payments on time and maintain their balance under the credit limit have the chance to build, restructure, or restore their credit.

The pricing format of this credit builder affiliate programme is in CPA. For the affiliate programme, types of traffic allowed include- banners, contextual, email, Facebook, in-app, SEO, YouTube, etc. You may discover more about the programme by visiting Zappian, which offers you the opportunity to enrol in a few simple steps.

As we have covered all the five highest-paying affiliate programmes, you must be tempted to get at least one to begin your earning and learning journey. But before you jump to any such conclusion, let’s list down some pros and cons of being a part of a credit card affiliate programme.

Things you should know about credit card affiliate programmes 

As with any affiliate programme, there are always some pros and cons, and you must consider them carefully before entering the programme.


  • If you get to know your target audience well, there is a lot of potential in generating revenue through the programmes.
  • You don’t have to be a part of the finance niche, to join an affiliate programme. Everyone needs a credit card nowadays; good testimony and communication skills can open the doors for you.


  • There is extensive competition. Due to higher commissions and lucrative market value, many people are jumping into this category every day.
  • Vigilance is an important factor. You have to be extra careful while promoting finance programmes. Some of the credit cards are easy to market, like American Express credit cards, but smaller credit cards are not that credible and might end up luring the affiliates astray. So you need to be smart enough not to damage your brand.
  • It is not everyone’s cup of tea to promote credit cards. Due to its strict nature and the norms applied over it, you can only promote them in a certain manner within the pre-decided limits

The credit card affiliate programme has a growing market; with the right knowledge and skills, anyone can promote credit cards. With increasing demand, the category is gaining momentum. Don’t wait too long, be an affiliate and join the journey of earning through promotions.

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